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Your Color Red Really Could Be My Blue | Color Perception

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Probably an overstatement on the part of the author to say ‘your red could be my blue,’ at least insofar as individuals with intact visual systems are concerned. Even pre-verbal infants see colors in a manner largely consistent with adults.


It would explain some people’s strange fashion choices. They really might make more sense in their head.

I am red-green color weak (as is 6-7% of the male population). My wife pre-approves all my tie/shirt combinations.


How do you know that?

My wife and I disagree on colors all the time, I’ve just given up at this point, lol…

Since women are essentially immune to color vision deficiencies (other than acquired ones via diseases such as MS), chances are she’s right and you’re wrong.

Here’s an easy way to assess yourself for red-green color weakness:

Lol, the story of my life…

*Crushed it.

That’s great!

But I still recommend letting your wife think she’s right. :wink:

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Mine as well. Pants, shirts, shoes and ties.

My color blindness depends on which eye is open. One sees with a brown filter, the other with a blue filter.

I only have two colors of work shoes: Black and brown. My work pants are all shades of black or shades of brown. (I’m including khaki as a shade of brown.) Likewise, my belts are either black, or brown. (Sidenote: I have two such belts–one with a gold buckle, the other silver. Each is reversible, with a brown side and a black side.)

But yeah, if there’s any doubt, I will confirm pants color and belt-buckle color with her.

You need more variety. :wink: I suggest Nike golf pants. They are super comfy and lightweight. I’ve got nearly all the colors (no argyle or non-professional colors, however).

No one on this site can fit into golf pants. My arms can’t even fit.

Legit advice for a man of any age, and mandatory if you want to be taken seriously after 30.