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Your Cologne


Letâ??s Talk cologne...

How do you pick your cologne? Do you bring a girl with you? Do you pick something that represents your personality? Or do you just go with what smells best? I do a little of the last two options.

What do you wear? Does it depend on the situation? Do you wear more than one type at the same time?

I just got Versace Pour Homme the other day and it is AMAZING, kinda like Acqua Di Gio but a little more bold. I havenâ??t been this happy with a bottle of cologne in a LONG TIME. Check it out next time your wife/girlfriend drags you to the mall. Heres what the bottle looks like.


As odd as it sounds, I pick it by the name. I'm using "Dirty English" right now.

It opens up a lot of interesting conversations.

I like the "pleasingly dirty" smell of it too.


Sex Panther


I don't wear it much.

I'm a soap and go type of dude.



Hey, you dropped something :wink:


black stetson, i go with a smell thats less manly than my natural manly man smell


Only fags wear cologne....

Lol...Right now I have some Black by Kenneth Cole that I like. But I don't think too much about it - not a huge cologne guy.


Acqua is my go to. Currently splitting time between Dolce light blue and Gucci by Gucci.


While you're down there


Blue jeans man


I'm a big fan of Armani Attitude


Thats the only cologne I ever finished a hole bottle of, I bought another bottle earlier this year but have only worn it a couple times.

I like Acqua, but its too popular. I was liking the light blue and was considering it for a while. I also have Gucci pour hommeII, I like it but it wears off to quickly and doesn't seem to be an everyday type of cologne, pretty classy. Honestly man if you dig the Acqua, check out the versace next time you're at the mall if you are ever considering a change up, peace.


I Am King is pretty good, im not a big cologne guy but i got that and the Aqua Di Gio by Armani



I'm a fan of acqua and also code by armani, I really don't care for attitude though.


You guys all wear cologne daily? Wow Metroooooo


I hate all that smelly shit.


flips hair back from face



Versace light blue... If you like Acqua you'll like this stuff, and it's quite a bit rarer.

Why spend hours at the gym building a fantastic looking body, and then walk around smelling like a vagrant? It costs about $80 annually to wear cologne daily... really a very reasonable thing to be doing.


yeah I'm wondering about that, thinking maybe it's overkill. I haven't been but I just got this shit and I love the smell of it, but I only do like 1 squirt, to keep from being obnoxious. I take it you don't wear it daily, so when do you? on dates? when you go to the bars?


Did you read my original post? I'm assuming by light blue you mean the Pour Homme (the bottle/color is light blue). Basically exactly what I said, I have a picture with it but it only shows up sometimes. It smells so fucking good!