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Your Choice and Why?

Letro or adex.

Both serve there purpose but I hward Letro is better?

i like adex, less chance of knocking your E too low and easier to get the right dose IMO


Also in my original post it should read I heard Letro is better or at least lowers E more.

I’m running adex for the first time(Thanks to the info from here) but am picking up for my next cycle so I just wanted to find out which one is better.From the info gathered here it seems letro is way more effective but I thought it would be good to gather some opinions.


I like letro personally, but Adex is easier to dose for beginners…

Then adex it is as a beginner I am.

Just out of curiosity how does dosing letro become easier as u become more experienced?Is it based mostly on the effects u feel or ur E level. Or is there a set formula based on how much test ur taking in.


Start at low dose (it is mentioned in other threads) then adjust as follows:

increase dose if elevated E2 symptoms present (bloat, tender nipples, poor libido, emotional)

decrease dose if too low E2 symptoms present (achy joints, poor libido, crankyness = poor morale, mental fogginess)

maintain dose if libido is good, bloat is minimal, mental clarity is good.

Everyone responds differently.

Letrozole reacts differently in different people, whereas adex has a more predictable dosing pattern - thus the receommendations of the dosing of adex will likely work for most - but it is harder to recommend dosing of letrozole as some respond to a much lower dosage than others… some use upto 0.5mg a day on cycle and some use as little as 0.0625mg/day.

It is partly due to libido and gyno, water and mood changes but regular blood tests are the way to go (with any cycle and AI use really) especially with letrozole, as it has been shown to reduce estrogen levels by 98%, which causes many unwanted side effects. Men need estrogen too - not just for maximum anabolism either.

That’s why :slight_smile:

[quote] Brook wrote:
I like letro personally, but Adex is easier to dose for beginners…[/quote]

letro is “better” as far as effectiveness of the drug itself.
I like arimidex myself.

its more forgiving and is adequate as far as effectiveness.
I would suggest that until you have a few cycles under your belt and know exactly how you react to the subtle hormonal changes use arimidex.

after you can tell whats what then by all means use letro, you will use less product thats for sure.
and considering they are both same price from the store,(if the yare Iam not sure anymore) you would save money by having more doses of the letro.

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IMO letro should only be used to combat developing or existing gyno, or be used by very gyno prone individuals.

a-dex is easier to dose, and as bushy mentioned, easier to find that “sweet spot”. it’s a better option for the majority of users.

i personally like aromasin better than both though.