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Your Calorie Maintenance Level?

Whats yours?

Male Aged 30 BW 84KG Train Heavy Weights 2x Week , BJJ 2x and Boxing Once a week. Walk ~40-50 minutes daily.
My maintenence is about 1900-2000 , i say that because i’m not 100% sure as i eat 1700 sun-thurs and then 2000-2500 fri & sat

Either way , im sure my basic metabolic rate is very low for a male :frowning: . . .i know blokes who play call of duty 4 days a week,train once maybe twice, drive everywhere and still get away with being <15% bf on a shitty diet of 2500+ calories a day

what does a day of eating look like? How do you track/measure? I highly doubt you are doing it correctly. In fact I am positive.


myfitnessapp … when i get out of work ill post a screenshot of my day of eating sun-mon (eat the same thing everyday) as stated my day of eating fri& sat varies but i dont think ive ever tracked it go over 2500 unless ive been out on piss , which happens about 4/5 times a year.

How much do you move around at your job? I would estimate 2800-3100 as a starting estimate. I’d definitely expect you to lose weight at 2300 minimum.

Do you sleep 7-8.5 hours (or a lot more or less?)

How long have you been eating that little? If you’ve been doing it long enough your metabolism may have adapted to eating like that.


Sometimes I’ll swop the rice and mince for tuna and ramin , which works out even less calories …

I do have a sedentary desk job now after years in the army which is why I walk to and from work ~40/50minute walk

Tbh I’ve always eaten little even as a child as I was always quick to put on bf even tho I spend the majority of the day thinking about my next meal … only time I’m not hungry is when I wake up so I try and fast till lunch about 12/1300

That you are always hungry tells me that you are eating too little to be at genuine maintenance. Now, if you increase your calories you’ll put on a bit of weight but eventually the scales will stabilise despite the higher caloric intake. Are you often physically cold?

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@Allberg no bud quite the opposite I’m usually very warm …

I did not expect that

Only time I’ve been lean enough to see obliques after the age of 19 was when I tried keto.

But I’d put that down to calories being around 1500 of mainly steak bacon and eggs . But all my lifts to an absolute hammering And strength > lean imo

Tbh I’m loosing about 0.2kg of bf every two weeks now I’m on TRT without making any changes too my diet so my BMR might be increasing slowly

Im 51, 165lbs. I do less than you cardio wise and my maintenance sits happily at +/- 2400.

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I’m 46 and 171-2 lbs. I am right out 5’9". I don’t track calories or macros, but eat similar each day. I have estimated it to be ~2800 calories that I typically eat to maintain my weight.

I lift 3 days a week, play soccer 2 times a week, and run one 5 miler each week. I try for one yoga session, and usually make it but not always. I log about 5.5 miles a day of “walking + jogging” according to my watch, which includes soccer and running.

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Doesnt sound like the best way to go through day. How is your energy for work/life?
…so yeah sounds like you should eat a bit more and/or have a filthy big cheat meal once every 7-10 days

Yes that is very low. For a 30 yo male. I eat 3000 cal daily 10%bf maintenance. maybe you haven’t been in that caloric range for long? People expect things to work after a week but it is consistency what give results.

60 year old male, 5’6", 163lbs. Weight train 4 days per week, 30 min cardio per week and my maintenance calories are at 2800 per day. Being an ectomorph dropping any calories below 2800 and my weight drops fast.

Well I’ll provide an alternative viewpoint to others so far, this looks pretty within believable ‘normal’. Metabolism varies allot between individuals.

My maintenance is pretty similar to yours, 2000-2250 seems to be a level I maintain at, and I’m lifting pretty heavy with a far amount of compound volume 3-4 times per week.

5’10, 87kg and a reasonable level of muscle mass. :man_shrugging:

I’d love to figure out what would work for myself. For whatever odd reason I simply don’t have a big appetite. I lift 6 days a week, ride ~20 miles a week. Caloric intake is 2000-2500 and my weight has parked itself at 268 and will not budge, it climbed from 240 from 2yrs ago.
6’4" 268lb or 122kg

Docs give me the all is normal, just eat less to lose weight… Ugh no, that really kills my energy. All I can figure is somehow my metabolism went on vacation and never came back.

Lifting is subjective. Richard Simmons lifted weights too. Riding is also subjective. Especially saying ~20 miles a week. Is that spread over the week? So 2.8 miles a day?

Unless you prove me wrong, I’m going to guess that you burn hardly any calories exercising and you are eating at maintenance.

The good news is you are not gaining weight.

Fair point, my lifting is not easy though. My routine is posted on another thread. Takes me 45-60 min depending on day. Was doing a EOD for the last couple yrs, those sessions were 90-120.
I lift heavy and for moderate volume. Main lift is 9 sets with wave rep counts (5,4,3) 2x. Follow accessory sets are 5x5 with a total of 5 different lifts.
I don’t cycle on leg days so cycling days are on avg 5.5-4 miles.
If I pushed harder I’d probably pass out, but I get the question, many cruise thru the gym. I like pushing to the edge. Adrenalin junky…