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your boxing training

Hey Patricia how is your boxing training coming along? I am very interested in boxing or at least some heavy bag work or some shadow boxing just for the hell of it. Has it helped you in your lifting? I am more along the lines of a powerlifter so, in your opinion, would boxing help me or hinder me? Got a bench meet in march so I probably wouldn’t start any boxing until after that.

Wow, thanks for asking!

If you do decide to begin boxing, go to a boxing gym. Period. That's where you'll learn all the good stuff (real reason behind heavy bag training, proper punching technique, etc.). They call it the "sweet science" and man, that's so right!

As for MY boxing? No boxing for this sick girl this week. I've been sick for the last three weeks, whenever I felt like I was getting better, I'd get in a weight training session in or go box. While the trip to Atlanta was just absolute fun, even while I had this damn flu, it made things worst. BUT, feeling more like my old spunky self now! Gonna have me a nice BEEG breakfast today!

Yes, boxing has helped my lifting. Next week, it's boxing three nights and weights two-three days. HOW has it helped? It has always helped my focus, always helped curb my asthma (which makes for better lifts in the gym), and really picks up my endurance level.

If your focus is on powerlifting, then yeah, focus on powerlifting. However, heavy bag work will help you watch that pesky BF% without sacrificing your hardearned muscle. Definitely.

Ko stop ignoring your duties and pass this girl some immunities.