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Your Bodybuilding Training

My name is Roberto. Here is a little background.
I’ve always loved bodybuilding ever since I was a child. Bodies sculpted in such a way that embody the purest form of beauty. After turning 16 I knew this was my chance to redeem myself. To let behind a disgusting body for the truest expression of my inner self.
And so the quest began.

I bought magazines and started the study of this discipline. I went to different gyms, asked questions to people whose bodies reflected my deepest, most profound desires, and kept asking things.
Eventually, in the BodyPit gym, a group of people whose muscularity and strength was uncanny let me train with them.
I shriveled upon my thoughts and truly began to starve my bodybuilding aspirations.
Always hungry for more. I NEVER EVER stopped to THINK about things.

I salute you, my fellow Iron Brothers. You, as I, understand true beauty =)

I thank you all for this wonderful forum, which has filled me with joys beyond the deepest thought, beyond the wildest dream.

So, as to my training related part of the post.

¿Your training is the expression of what?

¿What is your methodology of choice?

¿What does bodybuilding mean to you?

¿Is the spiritual reckoning part of this inner drive?

Thanks =)

Implied Facepalm.

Well, maybe I’m the only one but I like it. I like hearing others’ stories and philosophies. There is always something to be learned or realized.

So, I’ll bite.

My training is hardly the expression of anything. I dislike people who need to yell in the weight room. I dislike people who need to slam stuff around just to get amped up. I get in my head and stay there… I find lifting and training to be a cognitive and physical battle for self-betterment and understanding. I can’t say that I’m thinking about world issues when I’m in the middle of a squat set, but I can say that I have had profound discoveries in the weight room.

This and that, that and this. I’ve tried just about everything at this point, and don’t really think there’s an “all-encompassing” routine that’s right for everyone. I think it’s silly not to switch things up on occassion, though, unless you’re doing something rather structured. Personally, from a methodological standpoint, I like intuitive training. When I do train intuitively, I’m usually on 5-6 days a week, mid-volume, I guess.

I think I sort of covered this in the first question. On a superficial basis, bodybuilding, to me, means getting fucking JACKED and nasty tan/lean/vascular. But really, no. For ME, my whole life changed 100% when I discovered and became interested in bodybuilding. It means being who I am now, and not who I’m not any longer… but using those things that I learned before this journey to make me better off. Other than that - commitment, dedication, passion and intensity.

I am legitimately jealous of those who “just lift weights because w/e.” Yes, I suppose there’s a degree of spiritual reckoning. Again, I prefer to call it self-discovery, as I don’t really believe in the essence of a “spirit,” (or anything to that capacity.) I like to think I try my best in the gym, but if I ever leave a session without at least one regret or (what I perceive to be) a missed opportunity, I figure I’m either kidding myself or I didn’t go in with high enough expectations. It’s almost a facilitation process - The mind/“spirit” is what is going to allow you to discover how truly tough and determined you are when getting it done.

I train for the hoes… i like hoes. And hoes like muscles.

I do a lot of volume as my methodology. I vary rep ranges. I follow bio feed-back to guide my training, so i dont get stuck on numbers (meaning i dont care about lbs lifted over what i CAN lift that day).

I dont care about body-building. I like reading up on articles about bringing up lagging parts, and diet from boydbuilders, but i dont take it that far that i follow it as religion. I am one of those, “they are on roids, so i dont give two shits about what their training is, or what they do as i dont believe it relates to me”.

I dont have any spiritual connection with lifting weights. I just like working out hard and then sitting back like, “shit… how much more can i push my body?”.

To begin with, I feel that rules are made to be challenged, questioned, changed or completely broken. There is no ‘absolute’ right way, or wrong way, to workout!

Too many bodybuilders, unquestionably, slave away year in and out with exercises and concepts they never bother to really analyze or explain. They don’t even seem to notice they are not getting results! They seem to think that some morning they will wake up, look in the mirror, and lo and behold, they will have attained a beautiful body.

I try things that are not logical to me by actually doing the thing physically. In doing physically, I sometimes find a logic that I could not have ever seen unless I experienced the thing physically. What I am trying to be is flexible in my thinking, and also give new concepts a fair and working chance. My penchant is to get away from the usual monkey-see monkey-do you see these days in the gym and experiment with the unusual.

I feel that when it comes to bodybuilding there are no magical secrets besides a open-minded philosophy, or formula of thinking, that works with any problem or question

What could be more creative than changing, developing, renewing and altering your body?

THAT! No magical secrets besides a open-minded philosophy. Couldn’t agree more.
I embrace classical HIT as the vehicle. And I must say a pretty wonderful one.
The inner drive one must posses in order to break personal records in terms of volume or weight is astounding, and something not to many people seem to “get”.
The spirit must take action when faced to a change of event, so powerful, that either makes you or breaks you.

I have that exact quote hung on my mirror in my bedroom. Vince Gironda really is a genius as far as bodybuilding goes. I hope to add to it someday but for now I’m the student of him and a select few others but I decided to post it since you started a thread on bodybuilding philosphy that piqued my interest

Classical HIT as in Mike Mentzer?