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Your Bodybuilding Pendulum Training

Just to say Coach… Giving us another free amazing bone to chew during lockdown is such a torture! Looking like so much fun (intra set contrasts are the best thing ever) and brutally effective!

Just a quick question: if you repeat the cycle, you start back at structural 1 so you do this phase two times in a row?

My understanding was

Week 1: Structural 1

Week 2: Structural 2

Week 3: Functional strength

Week 4: Structural 2

Week 5: Structural 1

Week 6: Structural 2

As an aside the first edition was published in 04

So you might find the answer on the forums actually. I know people like @flipcollar trained like this for a while

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I actually just finished writing a new article (the original pendulum bodybuilding was published on T-nation 15+ years ago) which also includes how to adjust the program when you do several cycles. I should be on T-nation in the near future.

To give you an idea of how I recommend progressing:

Block 1 (5 weeks)
Block 2 (5 weeks) Same “program” but change some of the exercises
Block 3 (5 weeks) Go back to the block 1 exercises but change the methods
Block 4 (5 weeks) Same “program/methods” as block 3 but change some of the exercises
Block 5 (5 weeks) Go back to the block 1 exercises but change the methods
Block 6 (5 weeks) Same program/methods but change some of the exercises

The article will show the different methods


Jacked Athlete 31, Pendulum Bodybuilding…WOW!!!

Can’t wait to see the Pendulum Athlete !

Well, I wrote one on T-nation years ago (the articles on my websites are reposts)


Thanks Sir!!!

Awesome! And indeed you were already using the OCTS system…

Unless I’m mistaken, these athletes pendulum last 9 weeks (structural > strength > strength-speed > speed-strength > recovery > speed-strength > strength speed > strength > structural) or did you just went back to the structural phase after the recovery?

And in pendulum powerlifting, you say 10 sets of 3 with 90-95%, you’re meaning of a 3RM?

Your mind is going to explode when you read Theory and Application of Modern Strength And Power Methods (2006).


We’ll see. I just ordered it :smiley:

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Correct, it’s proof that I have been using the OCTS for at least 15 years (in reality it’s 18-19).

Coach, I’m looking to start your Bodybuilding Pendulum Training after finishing up a cut with Athlete Lean Athlete Strong. I saw the below recommendations for working in GPP/ Conditioning in the Pendulum Training for Athletes. Do you have any similar recommendations for keeping GPP/ conditioning up during your Bodybuilding plan)? Just add one/ two days on non-lifting days?

Plan from Athlete Pendulum:
Monday: Whole body concentric emphasis
Tuesday: OFF/sport practice/skill practice
Wednesday: Whole body eccentric emphasis
Thursday: OFF/sport practice/skill practice
Friday: OFF/Conditioning (GPP) work
Saturday: Whole body isometric emphasis
Sunday: OFF