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Your Blood Pressure on Cycle?

What is your average BP on cycle? Throw on what your running too for reference.

My BP during cycles even on harsh AAS is just around 120/80. If I want my E2 to skyrocket, sure, it’s often raised to 130-135/85-90. I do LISS cardio few times a week.

I’ve been having issues with e2 again lately and it come back at 160/80, granted that was after walking round but still relatively high.
When in a calorie deficit I’m around the 120/80.

Mine is always high but I have BP cuff and I’m at 140/80 normally while blasting.

Well that makes me feel a bit better. Whenever I’m in a calorie surplus my BP tends to go a up a bit too. Then throw the cycle on top and it’s quite high.

130-135\80-85. 750mg test /week and 50mg ED winstrol. No AI used in last 6 weeks and i feel much better then when i was constantly tinkering with adex dosages

@zeek1414 What was your e2? That’s pretty high of a dose to be able to avoid using adex.

what do you guys think is normal range and what is high? and what is the point where you’d be like oh shit I better take something?

Im sure its thru the roof ( but probably within ratio of my test) lol. Problem is whenever id try to incorporate adex wether it was 0.125 pr 0.5 it seemed like i could never find a sweet spot then im left worrying constantly about my estrogen level and that simply ruins a cycle for me having to constantly obsess over a number. So i said fuck it and i havr never felt better. I have moments every once in a while where i get emotional about something i normally wouldn’t but other than that the simple fact of not waking up everyday thinking about where my estrogen is at and how much adex to take and thinking every little thing is either a high e2 side or low e2 side has improved my cycle 100%

I wish I could do the same thing, I’d love to just let it go and not worry about where it is. Whenever it gets higher I just feel like absolute shit.

I was just reading thread again… How much of a calories surpluss are you in? When im on cycle and in a 700-1000 cal/day surplus unless my diet is not only 100% clean and (obviously nonadded sodium) but very little sodium in general i start getting elevated BP it isnt quite this high but it’s up there.

1000 cal a day means im eating about 4800 cals that’s a lot of food. Youd be suprised how much sodium shit has like rice krispies or oatmeal… It adds up quick

@zeek1414 I’m in a 5000-7000 calorie surplus per week, so probably around the same as you. Around the 5k calories a day. Normally I keep my sodium to no more the 3.5grams a day and that’s literally every bit of sodium, I use an app to track my cals. Had a few shitty meals over the last week so I’m guessing that has a decent part to play in the high BP lately.
Regardless it’s still a tad alarming to see your systolic at 160.

Also might add I’ve gained 10kg and dont do a hell of a lot of cardio, just started doing a bit if liss this week so that will probably help a bit.

Thats damn good at 5000 cal/day

This might be the culprit! For me whenever im dieting if im cutting and i have a high carb day my BP goes thru the roof and takes about 4 days for my body to reset. If im bulking and i have a cheat day its throws me out of wack for about 4 days as well. Now im just real strict. If im doing a 3 month bulk i might have a cheat meal once ots not worth how it makes me feel.

When im off cycle tho and just maintaining i eat however i want. Pasta, cake whatever it may be so when im ready to cycle its easier to give it up completely for a few months.

First few weeks of a cycle are hell on me. I put on about 15lbs in 10 days of water and my shits all out of wack. After the initial water weight i balance out tho. I dont dislike cardio i just dont do it lol. I get my cardio in the bedroom and maybe once a month in the gym. Even when im cutting i dont do much cardio

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But I was also visiting family, so that probyraised it a few points

Yeah I tend to eat pretty bland, potatos, chicken, turkey, lamb stir fry sometimes, oats, weetbix, honey for sweetener, eggs fairly often.
I’m starting to see that the cheat meal just isnt worth it, its crazy what one high sodium meal can do to you. Will see how the next few days go now that I’ve cleaned it up.

Got enough enanth from week 12 to 14 then have some test prop on the way for 14 to 16. Wanna get shit sorted out so I can finish this cycle pleasantly.

@zeek1414 What’s your saturated fat sitting at on cycle?

sorry to hijack but you are switching to short ester for last 3 weeks ? is this better than a taper protocol ?

@valve_timing Yes switching to prop in a couple weeks for the last 2 weeks of cycle. I cant comment on that as I’ve never done a taper and never really looked into what’s involved. Reason I’m finishing with prop is so I can have the enanth start to move out of the system and prop being a short eater will be out quite fast once I finish that too. Get 2 weeks extra on cycle and same shut down time.

thats very interesting i did a taper my first cycle but i was on the fence about it because of the properties of the ester and its halflives .

Bout 95/55 on 250mg test/wk.

Salt intake high

Genetic and medication acquired, my mother’s BP as a teenager was consistently 90/60