Your Biotest Experiences

I know most of us here swear by the Biotest product line, I have used a few of them myself. I don’t really think I have put in the long term work to see signifigant improvements, have you?

What kind of results have you seen with Biotest Supps? Methoxy-7, Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, RED KAT are all supps I am considering trying. Anyone have any stories?

Metabolic Drive is great. All the hype is really true. Taste is great, easy to mix. Great product.

I swear by HOT-ROX, Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male. All worked as advertised for me. ZMA also worked very well and is cheaper then many alternative offerings.

MAG-10 was the best supplement I ever purchased from Biotest. I wish you could still get it. Carbolin 19 ,for me. is about 70% as effective as MAG-10.

I have taken RED KAT for 4 weeks. One bottle was bought from GNC, the other three I bought from the T-Nation store.

I have noticed no increase in stength or libido.

I’m about halfway into my 2nd bottle of Carbolin 19. It seems to be helping with bodyfat loss. I have 2 more bottles on the way. Everything I have researched about the substance is good.
Its good stuff. I’m thinking of taking it nonstop.

Metabolic Drive bars are very good and so are the Metabolic Drive powders, choc, vanilla, strawberry. Taste great.


I’m down with Metabolic Drive or whatever the new name is. I have some ZMA, Grow!, and more Surge on the way.

It took me a while to get used to Surge but I like it now, more than my old pwo (gatorade and vanilla whey).

The protein powders wow, so mixable, so easy to drink, great taste etc.

The ZMA, don’t have it yet.

HOT-ROX - always thought they worked and have used 2 bottles. Haven’t started back on them since I got on my cutting diet. Trying to see what I can accomplish on my own.

Methoxy-7 - tried it, didn’t really do much for me. I still have 3/4 of a bottle so I might try it again if I can find it.

Tried M back in the day - no effect. I was also pretty young though (still am), so in retrospect it was pretty pointless to try.

I used Spike for a while (2 bottles worth) but it left me with pretty extreme adrenal fatigue. I don’t think that can be directly linked to the thyamine molecule, but it could have been the caffeine. I’d use it again as an occasional stimulant if it weren’t so expensive, it’s effective; a good cup of coffee and a good night’s sleep works almost as well and costs 1/4 as much though.

Haven’t tried the others.


Tried ZMA and TRIBEX two years ago and did not experience any percievable effect. No longer use any bodybuilding supps. I will consider purchasing Biotest’s fish oil product, however, if it is a better value (relative to quality) than what I am currently using.

Thanks for the replies. Anyone have any more long-term “self studies” ? I’m not really looking for Protein Powder reviews. More-so reviews on the actuall supplements…RED KAT, MAG-10 (I have a bottle), Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 (I’m kind of excited to try this one)

hardcore_balla wrote:
Methoxy-7 - tried it, didn’t really do much for me. I still have 3/4 of a bottle so I might try it again if I can find it.

singram wrote:
How many bottles did you try.If you only used 1/4 of a bottle and didn’t see results,you didn’t give it enough time to work.All the studies show marked improvement on body comp. in 3 weeks,but 1/4 of a bottle isn’t even a week.


I had whatI perceived to be an adverse reaction to it. Within a week my nuts were aching and swollen. So doing what anyone with a mind would do I stopped taking all of the supplements I was taking (HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7).

After some later doctor analysis it turned out I had a bout of epididimus (spelling) which isn’t as far as I can tell related to taking Methoxy-7 because I had another bout this past summer and haven’t used Methoxy-7 for over 14 months.

It has been a long time since I posted but I do have experience with the Biotest line of supps.

All of Biotest supps that I have taken have worked as planned WHEN you take them right and WHEN you take them long enough. It takes time for your system to react to the changes the supps are making happen.

To say that something does not work and you only took it for 1 week or a few days, why even bother taking it at all if you were not going to committ to the time.

MAG-10 - the best supp I have ever taken. Strength goes up, metabolism increases, have to eat big just to keep up. Taken as recommended - ain’t screwing up my boys.

HOT-ROX - it works as long as you are excercising and eating right. I do “heat up” and do see the lack of strength lose when in a cutting phase. Taken as recommened.

M - I guess this works, I find it hard to see any actual physical results. Just hoping it helps when coming off a MAG-10 cycle. I typically take 4 caps when first cycling off then drop down to the recommended 3.

RED KAT - worked for what it did - Alpha Male has replaced it and is much better.

Alpha Male - works, can definatly feel the difference when coming off a MAG-10 cycle, and if I stay on it long enough ramps up the horniness factor.
Taken as recommened.

Spike - I am not a coffee drinker and Spike does its job just perfect. I have a high tolerence for “wake-up” supps but I can’t take extra Spike, stick to the rules with this one. And I only take it on work days, don’t need it when I can sleep in.

ZMA - keeps me moving after the work outs. Really helps keep the soreness down and I recover a lot quicker. I alwasy take 4 caps.

Carbolin 19 - My new favorite friend. I have just recently kept this mix and do I feel a difference, I am ‘heated’ most of the time, I do not see any muscle loss when the diet is light - for me lately that has been key. Adding this has helped me regain my strength quicker after my unexcusable gym absence. Taking as recommened.

Metabolic Drive and Surge - what else is there to say - the best is the best.

Power Drive - didn’t like the way the old formula made me feel, Haven’t tried the new formula.

Give them time to work and they work. Take it for a week and expect to see big results, don’t and give up - save your money and take a sugar pill instead.

Sometimes this stuff is really hard to gauge. MAG-10 is fairly easy just because you will see the results fairly quick, which I have, yet most of the other supplements are not so obvious. Sometimes benefits are less obvious, and can be overshadowed by good or bad diet and exercise routines. Also how long was the supplement given to produce results?

Most people here are not meticulous enough to make one change and test how that change benefits them, or not.

I know MAG-10 works because I have twice put on 5 to 7 pounds of LBM in a two week period.

I know Metabolic Drive is the only protein supplement I have found that I can actually swallow without mixing with milk.

I love the taste of Surge, and while I believe it has helped me some, I do not have any real proof that it has, nor any real large gains associated with it. Then again I didn’t expect magical gains. I do know it has not resulted in any fat gain from it’s use, and has in no way interfered with fat loss.

I have used TRIBEX almost from the beginning. (Second formulation.) Originally I didn?t notice anything, yet after a few more changes, I started to notice that when I used this supplement, my face was getting oily. (Harkens me back to my high school years.) I would assume that is a sign of increased testosterone. I notice the same thing with Alpha Male. (I notice some mental effects also, mostly calming.)

Alpha Male definitely assisted me in some rebuilding of muscle about a year ago, and this year without it, have been noticing a little slower rebuild. (Fell off my bike 6 months ago, decided to take a break and heal up, and just fell out of my routine and diet until recently.)

I loved Biotest’s MD6, especially when combined with their T2 supplement. I have not had the same benefits from HOT-ROX, but I seem to be more successful with dieting when using this supplement, and I feel similar as to when I was using the old T2.

I didn?t notice much from the original formula of Methoxy-7, but have yet to try the current version.

Pretty much if I am paying attention, I can tell the benefits from the supplements, and when I am not, I actually have to blame myself because I can always associate it with some failure in my diet or exercise routines as opposed to the supplement.

MAG-10 is the shiznit. Make sure you follow the PCT recommendations.

Everything else is going to be more subtle.

I have noticed that HOT-ROX does help maintain strength while cutting.

I’ve also noticed increased appetite while on Carbolin 19.

Also, there was a thread for Spike reviews recently, and for me I find it helps with motivation and productivity.

Finally, I can’t live without my Surge and Metabolic Drive! The bars taste too good, it takes discipline to not just gobble the things up.

Just to clear things up on the “you only took it one week thing”

It was not a “oh I didn’t gain 3 lbs of muscle in 1 week” so I stopped taking it. Actually quite the opposite. I was very disciplined but had a recurring health issue come up and that ended the test of Methoxy-7 while I figured it out.

I don’t think I originally claimed that I knew all about Methoxy-7, I believe it was or was intended to be a yes I’ve used it comment. Sorry I didn’t provide some clarity.

Sounds like MAG-10 was the way to go, huh? I’ll have to become a congressman and reverse that decision.

Looks like Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male is the way to go huh? Maybe I’ll order some of that for my post V-diet transition.

Keep em’ coming.

I gained 25 pounds in two weeks with MAG-10 Legacy formula. Not bad for a 41 year old.

When I tried M, the first day I took it, didn’t notice much. The next morning when I wokeup, I had a tent pitched. Tomorrow morning, every morning, make it an M morning.

T2 with MD6 was some of the strongest shit I have ever taken. I turned a freind of mine who was a meth addict onto it, he loved it.

Carbolin 19 is another winner. I like the way I feel on it. It definately helps strength.

Every one of my freinds who I have given Alpha Male to, has liked the results. All these guys are 30 or older too.

Myostat, gone but not forgotten. I had a slip on some ice last winter that I am only now finally recovered from. Despite my lack of training I have hung onto more muscle than I carried in my twenties. The only reason I can figure out for this, is I think the Myostat did make some permanent changes in my body composition.

I used MAG-10 years ago for 12 weeks it didnt do anything. Of, course I was probably 24 or 25 and no prohormones have ever done anything for me. It will probably be different when I am in my 40s.

Power Drive is pretty good stuff and I definitely notice greater focus, but it seems to upset my stomach sometimes.

HOT-ROX is pretty good. No fat burner is a miracle pill like many claim, but I put it as one of the two best.

Everyone should be using ZMA. Its cheap
and you will definitely sleep better. You also have more vivid dreams. The use of zinc and magnesium to promote more restful sleep is very well grounded in scientific studies.

The protein powders are great and I really look forward to the fish oil supplement.

As far as supplement companies go, Biotest is at the top of the heap. The only other two I consider anywhere near them is Beverly and Optimum.


I havent tried anything else from Biotest. Im pretty sceptical about most bodybuilding supplements anyway. Ive tried a lot and nearly all are worth shit. I think that the “wonder-pill” mentality is way too pervasive in the physique industry. Protein, food, hard work and a couple of foundation supps like fish oil and vitamins are all you should really ever need, unless of course you want to go the steroid route.

I never got to try the old MAG-10, but I do swear by Carbolin 19. I believe it has helped me keep everything I gained. I have not experience the yo-yo effect in strength or weight since I started taking it in August. Alpha Male is good for me to cycle with and helps add that aggressiveness I like in the gym. Spike is a clean stimulant and doesn’t leave me hollow when it wears off.

As for their protein powders–the best I’ve bought ever. That’s what got me hooked on Biotest supps. The first tub of Metabolic Drive was all I needed to forget about any other protein supp.

I’m usually pretty skeptical too, which is the reason for this feedback thread.

The chart at the bottom of the original Carbolin 19 post was very impressive, followed by the study that they just concluded. Made more impressive by the fact that Biotest had nothing to do with the recently posted study, which would show no bias or anything. I suppose Forskolin and Colforsin are one in the same? (One is the plant, one is the chemical in the plant? I think the analogy was caffine and coffee.)

I am coming off of the V-diet, and while I have a pretty good plan of attack for the transition, I am fearful of putting on a bunch of weight… Former FFB coming out I guess.

Looks like for my next SLLOOOW bulking cycle, Carbolin 19 + Alpha Male is the way to go.

[quote]hardcore_balla wrote:

I had whatI perceived to be an adverse reaction to it. Within a week my nuts were aching and swollen. So doing what anyone with a mind would do I stopped taking all of the supplements I was taking (HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7).

After some later doctor analysis it turned out I had a bout of epididimus (spelling) which isn’t as far as I can tell related to taking Methoxy-7 because I had another bout this past summer and haven’t used Methoxy-7 for over 14 months.


Whoa,I would give up protein powder if I thought it was screwing up my manhood.I get pretty good muscle growth on it,not MAG-10 results,but good results regardless.