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Your Biotest Arsenal


This makes me smile!


Yes, a great site indeed. I have a similar one.



I bet it make TC and Tim Patterson smile too.


Is Anaconda missing?


Not bad, but check out the one I made awhile back...


Those 'new' around here probably won't even recognize some of the bottles, as Biotest has gone through quite a few re-designs over the years.

Also, I don't think I saw anyone 'hating' on your arsenal....when I posted that, it was flame after flame!


there was a day, or two, when i had that beat 0:-)


should have seen my pic from when they had the 2 for 1 sale, :slightly_smiling: it's on this site somewhere, but the search function sucks


LOL Nice DK I remember your "weight lifter helper outter" website you made with links to lots of good articles - good to see you still around.


Wow... quite the "food pyramid".

I really like HOT-ROX and TRIBEX.


Well, it will make you cry after you see whats in Nate's arsenal. One of the main reasons, Anaconda.


LOL! Wow, that takes me back....I had to go and see if it was still out there even..and it is!

Over 4,000 hits too. I don't think I've looked at that for years. Glad you liked it, and hoped it helped. I was just trying to spread the word, and help others out.

Yes I am still here, read all the articles that come out (actually, literally, I have read ALL the articles since the start!), but don't do too much posting anymore. Good to see another veteran of T-Nation around. You just made my day too remembering my "DK's weightlifting helper outer"! :slight_smile:


I still have the pic.

from the 2for1 sale