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Your Biggest Phobia


What's your biggest phobia? That one thing that paralyzes you just thinking about thinking about it.

I already know for rainjack, it's clowns. That's where I came up with the idea.

For me....spiders. I can't even look at a pic of one to post it.


Spiders are my newest phobia. Thanks a lot!


Great, I F'd that one up. LOL


Spiders for me too. I can't even touch them with something that can connect to me (like a broom).


Used to be freaked out by spiders, but I practiced catching them in a clear glass or plastic bowl for a while and that helped.




An endless tunnel that you can't turn around or stand up in. Now I'm up for the night, shit!


Absolutely terrifying. The tunnel adds another element, but even alone..the thought of being buried alive or stuck with no mobility whatsoever, is the only true phobia I have.


spiders. When I was young I came face to face with a very large wolf spider on my hallway wall. I quiver when I think of it...


Spiders make the hair on my balls stand up.
Fucking gross ass motherfuckers.

Being buried alive would suck, too.


How about being buried alive in a million spiders?


Heights are a big one for me, if I don't have a railing in front of me. I go rock climbing to fight it. Helps me reach that "cutting edge" between terror and exhilaration.

Spiders don't really bother me unless they are on my bed while I'm in it, or in the bathroom when I'm sitting down. I've had both things happen to me--Being woken up by a brown recluse crawling on your neck scared the ever-loving crap out of me!

Biggest one of all is roaches. I can't even get close to them. I can't do anything. Had a bad childhood experience.


Needles, actually.
EDIT: It's not so much fear, but rather an irrational revulsion. Can't really explain it.

Guess I'll never use AAS for that reason.


I'm not scared of needles at all, I just always seem to pass out whenever someone sticks one in my arm.

Agree on the being in a confined space where I can't move or turn around - freaks me the hell out!


Casino Royale torture scene.


Sharks. God, my worst fear ever is being eaten alive by a shark. Those things are terrifying to look at. If I were to ever be in the sea, and see a shark swimming around me, I would probably try and drown myself before it got to eat me.

Rats too. I hate those things. I can't even look at them even if they are locked up in a cage or something. Beady little eyes.......... Just thinking about them makes me shudder. And some people keep them as pets! And they HOLD them! shudder


The hair on your balls grosses me out.




Heights. I feel like I'm being pulled to the edge. This summer I rode my bike (motorcycle) from the east coast to Sturgis, SD. When crossing some of the decaying overpasses in Cleveland and the Mississippi I rode paralyzed with fear in the right hand lane, my head down, peering over the top of the speedometer trying to shut out the view of the void over the edge. What's crazy is I've Australian rapelled out of the back of helicopters no problem.