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Your Biggest Failings and How You Address Them


The things I'm terrible at include:

1.) Navigating... in any capacity, whether on foot or by car. For example, I can almost never remember where I park. Or how to get places unless I go there regularly.

To solve the driving part of this, I bought a GPS.

2.) Remembering names/faces. I once introduced myself to the same person twice in the same day.

I try to make mnemonics with letters of that person's name and repeat it three or four times after I've heard the name.

3.) Reading emails. I had a professor this year who sent out 12 emails regarding one assignment; in the same day. He would start his emails in the subject line, so the body of the email began mid-sentence. After a semester with him, I've lost my will to actually read emails.

I have to force myself to go through emails line by line now.

How bout you guys?




Putting off seeing a particular musician (telling myself I'll catch them when they come around next), only to regret it after they've died (this has happened 3x already).


Have you been killing musicians because you missed seeing them?


Fail: until now.
How to address it: I don't know.


Ummmm, Phil Collins is still alive. You have time.


I'll go with you on navigating. I'm horrible at it in my car, but I've got a GPS so these days it isn't as bad as it used to be. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I'm just generally not that big of a fan of driving, it's just a means to an end for me.

I don't have as much trouble with names as I used to, I got better around the time I started slamming nootropics like pez, granted I generally flex my brain muscles harder than ever, too.

I'm miserable at keeping a regular schedule, my sleep cycle is all over the place. I wake up at 1PM some days and 7AM on others. Not doing anything about it, despite it biting me in the ass constantly.


OP, you are missing one from your list

  1. spelling/grammar


Serious question: what did I misspell?

I can't figure it out.

I'll agree that I did not put any thought into grammar for the post. It's the internet after all, I just try to keep it readable.



My cousin told me about how she went to a Jimi Hendrix concert when she was younger and bought a t-shirt from the concert. Soon after, she was playing a pickup game of soccer with friends and it got a huge rip in it.

She thought to herself "I'll just throw this one out and buy another from his next concert when he's in town."

Then he died. lol


I dont consider anything as a failure, if I didnt achieve something, then I learned and moved on. I dont look back.


I guess shortcomings might be a better word.


I know your point and not being a dick. Approaching 40 with 5 kids and 14 years of college, I just taught myself not to look back. Always look ahead and never give up. Setbacks occur but they are just that delays not failures.


"Failures" would've been a better word than "failings."



Eh, not to too pedantic... but in my mind "failures" implies that the acts are a one-time event. "Failings," on the other hand implies that it's a continuous problem.


I see your point. But I also view the process as looking ahead in the sense that there are things I know I can improve about myself, without necessarily thinking of them as failures.


I'm so good in bed that women swarm me whenever I go outside, this has lead me to failing at relationships. I also have a huge penis which causes me to fail at buying pants/shorts that don't reveal the shape of my manhood.


I am late...

to everything!


I can't swim.


Okay. This was funny :slightly_smiling: