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Your Biggest Cheat Meal

Whats the most food you ate at one sitting? Alright I’ll admit mine,
1 extra large 18" barbecque chicken pizza
2 in and out double doubles
1 pint of cookie dough ice cream
1 box of chocolate covered almonds
1/2 a whole cheesecake factory cheesecake
Just want to know how I compare to all
Oh by the way I never go above 12%BF I only do these binges planned and strategic once a month

Coming into my last mass phase: Two large “insider” pizzas (Pizza Hut), order of wings, 6 chocolate Krispy Kremes, a can of Planter’s Cheez Balls, a bag of pork rinds, and a quart of Texas Gold french vanilla. I washed all that down with 6 Killian’s reds and a SHITLOAD of guilt.

I just go to a place with an all-you-can-eat buffet and go to town on it. Preferably a pizza place or a Chinese joint. You just order Diet Coke because, as everyone knows, this makes up for the fact that you just ate three pounds of fried rice. It’s true, a fat housewife told me.

Ha ha, Chris. When I was stationed in Charleston, SC, while I was in the Navy, one of my civilian officemates came in one time with 20 Krispy Kreme doughnuts and…guess what? Two liters of Diet Coke! Still makes me titter when I think about it.

One gallon of ice cream, one box of cereal, 2 Entemanns cakes, one fun size bag of Snickers, 2 slices of pizza, and a king size Milky Way Bar. It did take about 2 hours and was preceded by a one-week T-Dawg phase. Unfortunately I binge more than once a month, but this experience was on the extreme side.

Choclate-chip pancakes at IHOP–they’re phenomenal. Or chicken fajitas with sour cream. We’re about to have a Krispy Kreme move in, and then it’s all over for me.

do you guys remember when taco bell had those 6 and 12 pack taco’s to go, well after a particularly potent puff on mary jane I ate 24 hard shell tacos.

I can’t eat as much as you guys,but after a show I did eat 2 pints of Ben&Jerrys Chubby Hubby-(malted milk ice cream with chocclate covered peanut butter filled pretezles) and was halfway through a large pizza before I got sick. Dumb thing to do after starving yourself for 2 months. I was very puffy the next day and learned my lesson.

When i was using androsol i couldnt get full. One day i ate two plates of spaghetti at my girlfriends house, then an hour later two chicken breasts, three rolls, macaroni and cheese,rice and a whole chocolate chip cheese cake. no wonder i gained thirteen pounds.

Ha Ha Ha. I’m a 19 year old hardgainer with a fast metabolism. I cheat multiple times per week and stay in shape! My favorite is the same as Chris’s. All you can eat buffet. Recently my I ate at a KFC buffet and loaded up three plates and washed it down with 3 glasses of Mountain Dew.

Jesse-Hey junior,keep eating like that and in 10 years, you’ll be laughing all the way to the liposuction Doc! :slight_smile:

I know I can’t eat this way forever, but I’m young and healthy why not have some fun. Not to make any one jealous or anything, but my metabolism is so fast that to stay at my current strength level and size, and to grow I have to eat lots of cheat meals. I just can’t eat enough when I eat clean.

I have lots, but my favorite one is when I finished a 4 week training exercise at Ft. Polk, LA. Due to ‘simulated’ resupply problems that my team had experienced (sp?), each of us had only been able to eat two MRE’s every three days (ave-600 cal/day) while being on the move up to 20 hrs/day, for the last 10 days. When the exercise was over, the three members of the team and I went out to eat at this crawfishplace. Between the four of us, we ate 35 POUNDS of crawfish. Granted, it only came out to about 10# of actual meat, but you should have seen the carnage!. We also ate about two pounds of fried cornbread each, and each had two full pitchers of Coors Light. Don’t worry, we took a cab.

The funniest part about it, though, was the next morning. Not only was there the issue of the hangovers (we hadn’t had a drink in the four weeks prior), and that of the stretched guts, but ANOTHER issue arose. It seemed that the youngest of group (a 19 year old), hadn’t ever eaten more then a few bites of crab in his life, so he didn’t realize that he had a allergy to shellfish (I know, this is quite dangerous, but as everything turned out OK, I can laugh about it. Besides, he was supposed to be screened for that when he enlisted.), so his whole body his body was covered in hives, and he was so swollen he had to borrow someone else pants. As if that weren’t enough, the alcohol he drank the night before made him forget to get up to ‘relieve’ himself. This caused him to wake up in a puddle of piss, as the Army, forseeing a problem such as this, had all the very OLD beds in the barracks covered in vinyl. It was quite entertaining.

Man, I haven’t grubbed hard core like that in sooo long. Makes it awful tempting, and being such a panty-waste I should probably throw down some cheat meals once in a while…Jesse, you wanna take me out to eat sometime and show me how it’s done, bro.

Anyway, when I first learned the nutrition aspect of bodybuilding, it was via your friend and mine Billy Boy and Body-for-Life. This was about two summers ago and I was also working landscaping. I really had no idea about calories in vs. out, so the little portions were what I religiously stuck to. So by the time the built-in cheat day rolled around Sunday…man, I didn’t leave the kitchen all day (unless it was to go to the gas station to get some Hostess or Little Debbies). I don’t think I ate much if any protein…it was packages of Oreos, ice cream, homemade cookies and cakes (courtesy of my mother), PopTarts with extra frosting were a favorite, Hostess cakes, Reese’s…man, you name it, I was all about it. I felt like shit for a day or two after, but it didn’t stop me from doing it the next sunday! But working outdoors and poppin’ some fat burners, I would burn it all off-and more-within two days to get back to the unsightly 5% that I was accustomed to.