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Your Beta Alanine Experience?


Do you notice any strength differences with it? I have taken 6 a day for a week and haven't noticed anything different except for feeling flushed sometimes and having weird dreams. I know it takes a month? but If I take massive amounts of bcaa and creatine glutamine I sure notice the difference immediately? are there any tricks to using this?


My first bottle, I used 2 tabs 3 x day. Every bottle after that, one tab, 3 x day.

I took it primarily to help deal with my chronic pain/muscle cramping from a few back injuries. I noticed a decrease in total fatigue (which the pain/cramping contributed to), as well as a very nice increase in work capacity.

Another option is to take 2-3 tabs immediately before your workout. I've noticed an acute effect, but feel I have better results with chronic use.


Depends what type your using, try taking up to 10g/ serve. when doing this, i feel the tingle straight away, helps me get out an extra rep or so, and I don't feel as fatigued .


I found regular Beta alanine was just too much of a hassle with having to practically take it throughout the day and the tingling got to be a bit much. But the main thing was that my performance increase was marginal.

All that changed when I started using Beta-7. The tablets are easy to carry with you and take with meals. My skin no longer felt like I had ants crawling all over me. Plus, for whatever reason, I noted a better was effect in the gym.

At least for me, Beta-7 makes a big difference.


If I take a high dose of bcaa with some glutamine, and some liquid L carnitine. I feel it more, than beta alinine with creatine and glutamine. Im not convinced yet! all this for one more rep? not worth it?