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Your Best Training Splits

Hey guys, I don’t really have a question, but wanted to look at a few of your splits that work best for you. Currently I’m hitting every muscle twice every 8 days on a legs/push/pull split. Its yeilding some pretty good size and strength gains but I feel I need some change.

There are also many opinions on overtraining when you here of people training everyother day yet I’ve seen some good results doing that. Anyones your comments would be much appreciated.


this has worked well for me:

Day 1: legs/biceps
Day 2: shoulders/triceps
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Back
Day 5: Chest
Day 6: Rest

i train abs and calves every 4 days.

i also switch up the routine by changing the rest days around. depending on my schedule i may need to move a rest day around here and there.

I love the very basic upper lower split with a day of rest in between. I mix it up a lot by taking two days off or training two days in a row.

MOn - Chest/Delts/Tris
Wed - Back/Bis
Fri - Legs

Hard N’ Heavy, short and brief, best gains ever for me.


Push/pull seems to work fine for me.


Day 1: Push
Day 2: Pull
Day 3: off

start over.

I concentrate on compound lifts with a 5x5 and supplement most muscles with isolation work at 3x10.

It works well for me. The only problem I have is juggling squats and deads. I usually will do squats and then straight leg deadlifts and my back seems to be ok.


Overhead Press

2 Days Off


Maybe some curls

2 Days Off

Sunday: Repeat

I gained a good bit of weight training with the following split:

Chest/Back Thickness
Delts/Back Width

I usually would do a heavy compound exercise for 5x5-6, secondary for 4x8-10, and a third for 3x12-15.

I like splitting back up into two seperate days. I got that idea from Mad Titan (btw, where is he nowadays?). Training legs on Friday let me go at it 100% and then rest for two straight days.

Mon: Back & Hams
Tues: Chest & Traps
Wed: Off
Thurs: Quads, Biceps, & Triceps
Fri: Delts & Calves

Currently using this - on the 4th week so far, works wonders for me.

Mon: : Deadlifts, RDLs, GHRs, Good Mornings WOO!
Tues: Bench Stuff WOO!
Wed: Light Cardio/Core/Isolation Work BOO…
Thurs: Front Legs: Squats! Fronts! Jello Legs! WOO!
Fri: Cardio BOO…
Sat: Off - Cheat Day WOO!
Sun: Upper Back/Shoulders/light Cardio. WOO then Boo…

I really appreciate this thread. Seeing other people’s routines gets the wheels in my head turning. GET BIG! WOO!

Sorry, just had a big lunch and I am really happy. :-d

I use an antagonistic Push/Pull/Accessory split, 4 days on 1 day off. For me, shorter more frequent workouts are better.