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Your Best Hypertrophy Program to Date?


Coach Thibs, in terms of developing a bodybuilder physique with good decent strength levels, can you give me a few of your best programs that you have written and in what order they should be performed? for ex. ovt, hp mass etc. just want about threee of your written programs for max hypertrophy and in the amount of time i should perform them and in what order.


Your highness,

I shall seek these things out for my majesty.

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Seriously man. Best program to date? You really haven't been reading much here have you?


how about trying the one in the big link @ the bottom of the homepage? lol which tells you what exersizes, how many sets, how many reps, it even has videos for you if you dont know what to do. or do you need someone to come help you scroll down the page?


Duncecats, go siddung. Last time I checked none of u who answered are not named Christian Thibadeau. He never answers with such loftiness and asinine remarks so all of u talking balderdash can shut your proboscis. If u have nothing uplifting to say, don't say anything at all.


CT is a very busy man and if you've noticed he hasn't responded to many of the threads in a while. If you like CT's methods then for,

  • Strength / Size: CT's High Performance Mass Principles
  • Body Composition: CT's Superhero Complexes (He said that some of his clients did experience strength gains while on this program)

He did right I BodyBuilder and it's a good program but likely outdated by High Performance Mass.


Thanks for a sensible response Jaynick. Some people on here forget that everyone is on a different level and a question that makes no sense to dem might make sense to another. We should all try to help, not trod on each other. I appreciate ur response