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Your Best Bodypart

So I was thinking today. Everyone has their God given gifts and a particular muscle group that responds no matter what. We also have muscles that need to be trained constantly to see any change in size.

T-Nation has a lot of involved posters and can be a very reliable resource if one knows how to filter out the bull shit from the truth.

Now since this is a bodybuilding forum, all posters, besides any trolls, are here to get big. To get fucking incredible hulk status jacked the fuck up, or at least I am.

So before I go on a rant about me trying to get fucking huge, I thought it would be pretty sweet to have everybody post what they consider their best bodypart, whether it is the one that responds the best or better yet one that you trained the shit out of because it was stubborn and now it’s your best, and give the general routine you do for that muscle.

We can get a collection of peoples favorite routines and spark ideas for others.

It will also be nice to clue some people in on the fact that basic principles work. Big people do the basics, they might have a few things that are unordinary, but I predict many peoples, aerious people at least, routines to be quite similar.

So what is your best bodypart and how do you train it?

I’ll get the ball rolling. It’s a toss up between chest, biceps, and traps. I’ll say biceps are the winner, they just love to grow, but only when I’m doing things right. Sleep and eating patterns need to be good for any growth.

I follow a general heavy weight decent volume no bullshit training style.

I like to get things going with barbell curls, the king of bicep exercises and hit three to four sets, after warming up, of heavy weight nothing above 6 reps. I slowly begin to refine and concentrate on the contraction and overall bicep involement as I progress through the workout.

I like to then go onto incline curls, using a weight suitable for 8 reps. I do nice full contraction, squeezing at the top and getting that blood flowing to the muscle.

I move onto cable curls. I like these because they place a different tension on the bicep than I get with anyother movement. I guess you can say it’s constant tension and I use a medium weight on these.

I finsih with, one of Arnold’s favorite movements, standing concentration curls, really squeezing and depleting my muscles from any energy they have left.

I do 3 sets per exercise and rest as long as I feel suitable so that I can hit a decent amount of reps on the next set. Everything is done by how I feel, or my instincts. I don’t like being tied down with a stopwatch or some pre-written plan because I’ll never follow it, although I do plan a few things.

Anyways I’d enjoy hereing other people ideas and plans. Thank you.

Calves. I never train them and they are enormous and powerful.

I suppose its because I am an Aquarius. =)

calves and chest definitely!

not bragging but my calves are phenomenal, they are huge and ripped and i never work them out…okay so i am bragging haha! I don’t just mean big compared to the average gym guy either :wink:

but unfortunately my delts grow like shit! ahhh it pisses me off so so bad! i would do almost anything to get them to grow…almost.

Hi austin, good thread:

In the beginning the only thing I had was lagging legs, but then I began to take things more seriously.

My back development has increased since then, up to the point where I could say it’s my best bodypart.

Maybe it grows better than other people’s backs, but most gym goers don’t work their backs as half as well as they could. You rarely see people doing more than 2 plates on the T bar rows in my gym, it’s just disgusting; the one who does three plates and plus180lb pull-downs is stared at.

What I do for back:
-Seek for overload progression.
-Full stretch and contraction on every rep.
-Rowing movements combined with pulling movements.
-Multi grip approach on my rows and pulls (close neutral grip pulldowns give the teres good stimulation, at least for me).
-High volume approach.

I can T bar row 5 plates and have went up to 6, nothing special. I can dumbbell row 100lbsx20plus, again, nothing special considering really strong members on this site. But when you put it all together, and get the sum of 25 sets on the average workout, which I like, it can be very demanding, but has worked for me.

Finally, I think the back is a muscle group than can handle A LOT OF INTENSITY AND VOLUME, so I train it alone.

[quote]absolute3 wrote:
Calves. I never train them and they are enormous and powerful.

I suppose its because I am an Aquarius. =)[/quote]

My brother hasn’t worried about calves in his whole life too, you… I really envy people that has minus n bodyparts to worry about.

I don’t really have anything spectacular on me, but I guess for my height, my quads are pretty good. I really need help in that whole upper body department, ya know, like arms, chest, back, shoulders, traps, all that good stuff lol.

My upper body responds equally well, but my weakest bodypart is definitely the hamstrings.

It’s really hard to get a curve in them when the leg is straight, but when I walk, they rub together like mad. It’s like they have some crazy high peak or something. They’re like softballs between/slightly behind my legs and then nothing impressive above the knee.

Any tips on that?

I always considered my shoulders a strong body part for myself. I never really had to train them that hard and I feel they keep up very well with the rest of me.
I also feel that my back has become a strong body part of mine, over time. Most of my favorite exercises are back movements, like deadlifts, rows, chins and pull ups. So its no surprise to me that my back has progressed. However, I also have a small waist, which makes my back appear bigger than it is. =)

[quote]Artem wrote:
My upper body responds equally well, but my weakest bodypart is definitely the hamstrings.

It’s really hard to get a curve in them when the leg is straight, but when I walk, they rub together like mad. It’s like they have some crazy high peak or something. They’re like softballs between/slightly behind my legs and then nothing impressive above the knee.

Any tips on that?[/quote]

…“Your Best Bodypart”,

…but I have the same problem.

Back thickness. (Not going to say back, because my width sucks.)

Probably has to do with the fact that my rackpull is 700+lbs for reps, and I can t-bar row 7 plates for reps (actually the t-bar row is just a guess going off how easy 6 plates was), while most of my other lifts are WAY below that level.

Traps. They grow just from me picking up dumbells to bench with.

Back thickness; thigh thickness; traps. I think chest may be on there too, because it grew well enough despite damn near no stimulation until a few months ago.

I seem to have f*cking thunder thighs, lol, but in all honesty it may be a touch early for me to talk about strong and weak bodyparts with my training age. Still, I know some body parts are pretty weak:

Calves, arms, back width, blocky waist (although I kinda enjoy this).

I’m actually gonna post up some pics once I diet down so I can get some tips on what parts I need to bring up more than others.

I’d like to say my back, since its my favourite but probably my biceps.

I’ve always had a pretty big peak on my biceps, even when I was like a 30kg 8 year old kid lol. They were always noticeable through a shirt and before I even started lifting people always asked me to flex my arms lol. I remember my dad having a massive peak when he was younger.

I haven’t trained them directly for about 6 weeks and they have grown a little still.

After years and years of hockey, I’ve been blessed with legs that just love to grow. So my quads are one for sure. What I think is my other ‘greatest bodypart’ would be my upper back.

Sometimes though, I’d trade it all for a killer pair of arms.

My calves for sure. I attribute my calves to some gentetics BUT also my height. I started mowing our yard as a kid when I was 5yrs old; the mower was taller than me so I was always on my tip toes jogging trying to get that damn thing to move… I hardly work my calves now, but when I do they do get bigger, harder and more veins really easy.

Edit: I found that going heavy on calves helped develop the cut and get the heart shape, I like doing leg press ss/w calve press very heavy and hard 12 to 15 reps. Also postioning your feet in/out/straight will help develop the whole calve. I also like doing light weight calve raises to get a good squeeze and hold. That is what helped me further develop my calves

Chest. I had developed the habit of doing comparatively less because I wanted to spend the energy on other body parts, plus my shoulders were giving me some fits. Started doing DC, and given equal treatment my chest is blowing up again.

I love working back–despite all its structural damage. I am ‘torso’ guy so my arms have been a real struggle.

Edit: I forgot to add a tip as requested by OP.
Give them a good squeeze/flex and hold it after each exercise and focus on where you where trying to ‘hit’ the muscle. This helped me develop my mind-muscle connection.

I have also found that a strip-set or two of weighted push-ups after your chest routine is a good finisher.

I’ve got this spot on the upper portion of my right lat toward the rear delt that is pretty developed. I attribute this to being strong on plow.

My traps have always been disproportionately more developed than the rest of my body. I think it was from all the boxing I did growing up; being hunched over and holding my shoulders up. Now-a-days I just train them indirectly with heavy deadlifts and then directly with heavy BB shrugs, 405lbs+ for 8-12 reps.

Calves… 17" with 15" biceps for comparison, haha. Mine are mostly genetic, but I grind out extremely heavy weight with them once a week, for whatever it’s worth.

And traps. Don’t know where these came from - but I’ve always had good traps. Other than deads/rack pulls, I don’t work them out much anymore because their height is kind of ridiculous sometimes, proportion-wise.

I’d say my back. Probably what has contritbuted the most over the years, is my ability to actually focus on contracting my back muscles and circumventing bicep assistance.

A typical session would be:
-Scapular contractions w/cables
-V-Grip chins (partials, no bicep ROM)
-Bent Rows with 2 DBs
-Rev grip BB rows
-Partial Deads with DBs