Your Best Advice for Conquering Meets

I’ve been looking around and have found a few things here and there, but I thought it would be good to start a thread dedicated to making the best of your meets.

I have my first meet here in about an hour, lol, so I’m doing some last minute searching for anything helpful hints. I’m sitting on my couch, sipping on a fresh pot of coffee, and playing some videos of Matt Kroczaleski and others to get my mind set. It’s not a very serious meet, just something our Strength Club here at KU is putting together for us and anyone else interested. It’s not actually a powerlifting meet, because before squat, bench, deadlift, we are also doing power snatch, power clean and split jerk, and fat-bar clean to strict press. It’s called “Super Total Training”, and it’s just a good time.

So throw in any advice you can give for others in the same boat as myself. Some things I’ve gathered around are:

  1. Your opener should be pretty easy. Not a PR, but something you know you can smoke for a confidence boost.
  2. Pack some food, because by the time you get to deadlifts you could be seriously swamped.
  3. See yourself getting the lift before you even attempt.

Also, are you usually allowed to play your “power song” over the speakers for you lift? I’ve got a few songs that I haven’t listened to in a few months, just waiting to use them today because they really get my heart going.

So, what do YOU do to have your best meet?

I wouldn’t get too caught up in having a certain song playing while you lift. Some meets try to do this, but it often doesn’t work out and getting the timing for every single lifter with just the right song could make the meet last for days. If you want to listen to something in your own headphones before you lift, that might be a decent idea. Just make sure you can hear the announcer or have someone there to tell you when you are up. We have some decent music playing while we train, but I’ve learned to lift without having to have just the right song playing. At most meets, I couldn’t tell you what was playing while I was lifting since I was focused on the lift.

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Thanks, man.

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