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Your Best 80's Memories


For those of you old enough to have them. I'll tolerate a few 90's, but I'm not sure anything important happened in that decade other than the rapid decline in good music toward the end.

Atari 2600
Trying to decipher scrambled Cinemax porn
Wearing those gay Zubaz pants, despite not being gay, though that might have crossed into the 90's. Not sure, I try to repress that one
Carrying one of those big handled combs in the back pocket


Being born!!! '89 lol


A President who did not hate people who work hard and get ahead and understood basic economics.

An enemy (the Soviet Union) who, for all their faults, loved life, loved a good drink, loved their children, and did not strap bombs on them.


ripping through my mom's pussy


Yeah, I'm sure lots of people fondly remember her.


Me too!

  • Real pre-mainstream Heavy Metal
  • Half decent cartoons
  • Sucky cartoons
  • Z-Cavaricci's
  • Hair bigger than all my girlfriends
  • High carbs, low fat
  • Chevettes and K-Cars
  • Big tits that were real


Proof the 90's were better than the 80's.



I read your name as theturdmuffin.


Ms Pacman

Friendship pins



Beverly Hills Cop
A Funny Eddie Murphy
Local News
Mr. Magic, DJ red Alert


Leg Warmers


Big Hair


John Hughes Movies






Grody to the Max!


Let me reiterate: big, real, 80's titties.



Some of my favorites:

-Getting a Commodore 64 for Christmas in mid-80's. It was awesome.
-Watching original airing of Lonesome Dove ('89)
-Watching dad try and figure out how to record it with vcr.
-the huge shoulder-mounted VHS camcorders.
-going to Houston Oilers games.
-Trapper Keepers with totally rad designs on them
-going to Houston Astros games with my dad and going completely apeshit when the announcer introduced Jose Cruz 'cause they always drew out every syllable in his name for what seemed like five minutes


Wellll, first Real non magazine Titties in my face. Mmmm