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Your Bench & Squat Setup


Just wondering what sort of form those bodybuilding are employing for front and back squats, what depth and setup is has been responsible for best building your legs? Mine are definitely growing but I see no reason to potentially limit how quickly.

I find it natural to go heavy with a depth that probably wouldn't pass in powerlifting, I strongly suspect I'd be wise to employ something closer this for building my legs:

As for benching what setup and grip width are those pushing 300lb+ raw for reps actually using? Is it exactly as Dave Tate recommends or is it more like CTs 'shrugging throughout'.

I'm just trying to find out what setups are really used by strong lifters as my form in the squat is sporadic and my bench setup almost never feels right. I'm currently attempting to setup as Dave Tate & his videos on it suggest.


A big back squat/bench do not necessarily translate into big legs/chest.I've seen the best gains when removing flat bench for an incline dumbbell movement and taking out back squats for hack or front squats.



Back Squats- All the way down, all the way up
Front squats- All the way down, stay in the hole for the entire set.
Benching- Well, i DONT flat BB bench these days. Im really liking Decline BB and Guillotine's these days, but thats because they feel good for me.


Back squats work well for me and I go all the way down and lock out on the top...same for Front Squat

Like the others, I moved away from flat bench because it just wasn't doing anything for me. Right now, I'm doing incline BB where I use a medium grip and decline DB.


True in theory, but then squats have definitely worked for me so far and I still have plenty of strength potential left.

Bench wise I'm yet to see anyone handling 110lb+ dumbbells without comfortably having 225lb bench or higher BP, you can't just build muscle whilst avoiding being able to press quite a lot. I'm just going with what you see in the gym and most huge guys can bench 300lb+. To digress though, I do agree it could be possible potentially 'for me' that dumbbells could build a bigger chest quicker, however, it's mostly a personal goal to try and be proficient at the bench press first and I'm looking for tips from those who've had success with the exercise for bodybuilding purposes.

@akuma&thoughts- Squats sound like what I will be going with for the most part, I tried hitting them like the jrod video today (not heavy) and I'm just going to be disciplined and stick to that, even if it knocks 10-20kg off my squats. So for now I consider them sorted out really.. we'll see on Wednesday when I squat.

Interesting thoughts on the bench press... it's certainly echoed heavily that it "didn't do much for me' however my thought is how could I truly ever say that before I could hit at least 300lb+ for reps and then view my chest? Right now my chest is growing proportionally fine to the rest of my progress and I'm sure putting over 100lbs on it would be a big visible difference. I realise this isn't true for everyone but I just seem to put on muscle when I get stronger. Maybe it's because I have to work so hard for increases in strength..