Your BCAA Doses?

Hi, ive read a few of the coaches on here recommending supplementing with BCAA’s in the 25g a day + range.

Has anyone actually gone ahead and done this and can you report on if you felt it made a difference and how.


I am currently trying to cut some body fat and have been doing so for about 2 months now. Around the same time I purchased a ton of BCAA’s and Fishoil (non-Biotest products). With all the high dosing I here about and its positive influences on body comp, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Since buying the supps, I’ve been (and still do) take 36 grams of BCAA’s peri-workout (the BCAA’s I have are 4.5 grams a serving, so I end up with about 27 grams before/during and 9 grams after). I also started taking Surge around the same time (so add about 14 grams of BCAA’s, so 50 grams GRAND TOTAL).

I also take 30 grams of fishoil a day, spread out 5 times with meals among the day. Each month so far, I’ve managed to lose aprox. 5 lbs of fat and put on 2-3 lbs of muscle. I can’t say with certainty that it is the BCAA’s, the fishoil, the Surge, or even my revamped diet.

But I am happy with my results thus far.
I am also sure of these results, because I have the privelage to go to a local nutritionist/dietican at the local community hospital and I get my body comp. measured through skin fold test and electrial impedance. Every one responds to different supps and diets uniquely. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

5g 2x a day for me