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Your Average (or Fastest) Mile Time


I wasn't sure of the best place to post this, but I figured this forum would be the best catch-all for everyone on the site.

I'm curious as to everyone's average mile time and their fastest (recent) mile time. This isn't confined to just the runners on the board, and it'd be pretty interesting to see what times the various training styles around here produce. It'd probably be easiest to compare if everybody included the info below. Times should be from a track (or comparable surface), and not a treadmill. I just ran 6:06 on a track today as part of my rehab from ACL reconstruction (5 months out). I could NOT have kept that pace up for longer than that, however.

Age: 27
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: ~200 lbs.
Average mile: 6:20 based on the past month
Fastest mile: 6:06 (today, Jan. 4, 2011)
Background: Don't consider myself a powerlifter or bodybuilder, but I've been lifting for over six years now. I lift 3-4 times per week depending on the program, focusing mainly on squats, DL, bench press and pullups with the occasional olympic lift thrown in for periods. Outside of lifting, I play a lot of basketball. Also, I'm 5 months removed from an ACL reconstruction. I have torn ACLs in both knees. Was a high school athlete - wrestled and played baseball.


Age: 33
Height: 6'
Weight: ~250 lbs.
Average mile: Fucked if I know.
Fastest mile: Fucked if I know
Background: I'm a powerlifter, the only running I do is after the ice cream truck. . .


Is that me driving the car or the wife?


I haven't run the mile in years, but when I played baseball I'd run it every now and again just to see how I fared. Us pitchers had to run a lot, but a lot of long sprints or several miles at time along the warning track.

At the time of my mile running days I was 6'1" about 180-185. Averaged probably around 5:15 to 5:30. Fastest time was 4:56. I also had to run three miles for time every now and then and consistently clocked in at 17 minutes, give or take 5-10 seconds.


6:53, about 5 years ago at around 190-195, 5'9". Now I wouldn't run a mile unless a family member's life was in danger. My hip would probably disintegrate.


Average mile: 4:20
Fastest mile: 3:47
Background: I bench liek 115 and weight 120lbs but I don't work-out lol I only do BMX and skate


I had to run quite a bit when I was in the military

5'11" and 190-195@ the time
fastest mile and a half: 9:01
fastest three miles: 18:17

got out and havent ran anything more than a sprint in over a year. Its awesome


Age: 23
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: ~170 lbs.
Average mile: 6:00
Fastest mile: 5:30
Background: I have done crossfit style workouts with just body weight or strength workouts on opposite days ... usually workout 6 days a week mixing crossfit , with long distance running , bench press , squat , deadlifts, and body weight only routines. I also used to run 3 mile runs for my PFT when I was on active duty.


I began running about two weeks ago. I did a mile at the end of 12 rounds in 9:26. That's my best time, being as I've run about five times.

I'm just trying to get it into the 8's. But the fact that I'm running at all makes me happy, being as I hate it so much.


when your age, weight and time for the mile run show up on spokeo, you'll know why!


Age : 21
Ht: 5'8'
Wt: 150lbs

Last time I did a mile was prolly about 4 years ago, 5:53. Fuck I hated that shit only did it because it was required for dry land for wrestling, nothing is worse then running. Anything past 50m seems ridiculous to me :slight_smile:


When I was about 21 and about 220lbs I did one in 5:45 or something like that.

Now at 255lbs and 6' and 37 I just did 3 miles in 30 minutes this morning....ugh...that's 10 minutes per mile. And it felt tough.


Can't I squat the fastest guy 50 times and call it even?


Best mile - 4:45
Avg - no idea.. haven't ran much distance in a while.

I'm by no means a great runner lol.. I can sprint up and down a field all day but tell me to run laps around a track and I'm done.

It was back in my high school lacrosse days.. Our coach made us run a shit ton.. before we could practice we had do these figure 8 sprint/jog ordeals(first lap you sprint the last leg.. second lap the last 2 and so on until 8 laps).. hard to explain. It was roughly 2 miles before practice.. then tons of sprints etc... at the end of practice. Sometimes he would make us do the figure 8s before a game while the other team warmed up to prove a point. Playing those games sucked lol.


step your game up.. with a 4:20 avg you may get some scholarship money.. but you need to get down closer to 4:08-4:10 for a full ride. I call bullshit on the 3:47 thats record pace. How much can you squat?




Lol guess my sarcasm wasn't apparent enough.

edit: maybe I should have let it ride.. might have beem more amusing.. humph



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That makes you world class. I think you should try to qualify for the olympics.