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Your Average (or Fastest) 40 Time


Because running the mile is gay.

260 lbs
Fastest: 4.62
Average: 4.75
Background: Football, Wrestling, Track & Field, Highland Games, Power Lifting and Fishing.


Fuck the mile and fuck the 40. Real men run the fucking steeplechase!

What's the farthest you guys have had to run from the cops? When I was 17 I got chased on foot by the cops for about 2 hours. I hid in some bushes for part of the time, but I'd say I spent a combined total of around an hour and a half actually running. I probably covered something like 10 miles.

I got caught and arrested for vandalism. My buddy who was with me was on leave from the Army after basic training. He got caught too and was dishonorably discharged.


I ran a consistent hand timed 4.4 in my basketball days @ 190lbs, 6.1.


Maybe you should be the one running through the drug set in Jersey while I yell "Snitch!" at the top of my lungs.


You have me beat by a lot. Longest I ever got chased (on foot) was only a quarter mile or so, but I kept running until I found a porch to hide under.


Man, we used to run endless miles from the cops in the surrounding communities of where we grew up. Some of the best were when we would have these tripping parties on the train tracks. Cops would always raid them, but something about being completely blitzed on acid would just make it all the more fun. They would try to box us in at crossings but we would just go full sprint right past with a couple of stragglers getting cloths lined here and there. We'd just be laughing our asses off and keep on chugging down the tracks for miles.

I can still i.d. by ear the rev of a Ford Crown Vic engine from seemingly impossible distances.


Track- 2 years completely unremarkable.
Wrestling- 55 lbs to 141 by graduation.
Bmx, dirt jumping, snowboarding, mtn. biking and other related goofiness- 10 to present.


Fastest 40: 4.6

Ran faster hand timed ones in highschool and when I got to college I realized hand timed 40's are shit for the most part... So 4.6 it is. Saw one guy run a legit 4.4 and it was incredibly fast lol

My senior year of track a kid from my school ran ran a 10.7 hundred meter as a freshman. He was crazy fast as well


I wasn't running from the cops but I was insanely drunk and decided I needed to be home so I left the house I was at, had no clue where I was going a d decided to walk home.

Eventually stole a beach cruiser, figured out I was by Sea World, hopped on the freeway and rode my bike down the 8 to the 5 south. Had two blow outs, ditched the bike and ended up hoping over fences and going through housing tracks till I found my way home. Almost slept under a freeway overpass. Got home as the sun was coming up covered in dirt/bleeding.

Googles it the next day... 10.3 miles lol




5'6" 270lbs in college when I threw shot. hahaha! at the time, I could jump high enough to grab the rim of a basketball goal though, serious.


Ever heard of a taxi?


Called one and was sitting on the curb waiting or it to come pick me up when my phone died. I knew I was somewhere by PB/MB so I figured I'd start walking and find one. Well it was after 3am apparently and they were no where to be found.

I actually rode the stollen beach cruiser through a jack in the box drive through and the kind lady let me order(probably out of pity) Like I said I was hammered (this was a while back)


Wow Chris I never knew you were a beast. Is that 260 muscle or 260 Holy pudding?


260 now or 260 back then? Because back then I was a pretty solid for an offensive tackle (High School, but had offers to go D1 as an "athlete"), but I'm also 6'3" so take that as you will.

I dropped weight to go into the military, but ballooned up to 305 so I got pretty sloppy and am back down to 260-70 depending on the time of day.


I had a boyhood friend move out to CA when we were young and become a pretty well known BMX / cyclist guy...he died way too young...


Fastest ever was a 4.5 at 215 my senior year of college when I was playing lacrosse.


4.5 HS football, 5'7 150. I was primarily a swimmer, but played football, basketball, track.
4.6 now 30, 5'7 200.


No idea what it would be now.

High School 5'7" 170 lbs, 4.3
Semi-Pro Football (6 years ago) 5'8", 265 lbs, 4.7


TheBodyGuard does not run...he strolls confidently and leisurely, like a lion in the jungle :slightly_smiling:


High School: 4.55 @ 225
College: 4.59 @ 255
Now: 4.40 @ 220


I would LOVE to see these 4.4s and 4.3s being claimed on here. Especially with the "hand-timed" disclaimer. Just because your coach sneezed and stopped the clock a half second early does not mean you ran a 4.4.