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Your Athletic Feats

Here’s a list of the athletic feats I’m expecting to accomplish before the summer, and how I’m going to accomplish them.

Planche pushups, those would be downright nuts. I’ll take a couple weeklong bouts of almost daily gymnastics training sessions to hit these finally.

One-armed pull-ups would be a nice feat to accompany the planche pushups. A cool parlor trick too. Whenever I take to training weighted chin/pull-ups I feel like the next week I come back weaker. More high rep and speed work with pull-ups, I’ll do more one-armed eccentric reps too. I think that sort of thing would work in well with the gymnastics training.

I’m a rugby player, and I could be a lot faster than I am. I spend way too much time squatting, and not enough time on the track or hill. I’d like to work up my sprinting volume to at least 4 sessions per week, during this rugby season.

If I pull all this off, I’ll reward myself with another Smolov squat cycle after rugby season.

Strength athletes:
What short-term goals have you set for yourself, what athletic feat do you plan to accomplish that will help you in your sport? What are you going to do to achieve it? Share, critique others, give advice. Can you already do anything posted, and how’d you get there?