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Your are the Resistance!


Well, my subject line only applies to the differentiated collective. As I finished watching the pirated version of "Terminator 3: Salvation (or, whatever its called)" I was inspired to visit T-Nation, which I must humbly state that I have not visited in quite some time. Provoked by the continuous reiteration by John Conner stating that if you are hearing this...well, reading in this case, you are the resistance, I figured after getting back from the gym, being immersed in the douche baggery (and since Ive already exhausted watching all my episodes of Big Band Theory--No, it is not an adult film, I confirmed that it is the T-Nationers that are the resistance....to the gino kids with size SMALL vests that they still manage to float in--suffering from upper crossed syndrome, to the 5' nothing guy who always appears convinced that he is a powerlifter (in spite of body composition analysis's defining him as morbidly obese) and looks around the gym waiting for someone to acknowledge him after he performs a 400lbs deadlift not realizing that his lift is not very impressive when biomechanical principles are considered such that his angular displacement may have been less than 5 inches, to the personal trainers; who are descendant of Paul Chek making their clients perform multidirectional-dynamic-multiple-contractive movements all while standing on a bosu (and, of course simultaneously checking on the integrity of their feces), and last but not least to the guy who spends more time explaining the science and importance of his training methods...in spite of there being no standard scientific basis for his training principles...rather than training himself (this guy needs no introduction), the crossfit guy.

Alright, so now that I have relieved myself of that very intrinsic and visceral rant, which may have gone off on 41.7 degree tangent-- apologies--I shall now continue with my real intention. I am curious; however, aware that there have been some studies done on this, but, would like some honest opinions--from both the male and female genders equally, regarding how many sexual partners they or individuals they know had/have in a life time. Out of curiosity, of course.


Cant read........ text block, hurt eyes!

  1. What the fuck are you talking about?
  2. Are you human?
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!






You win this thread




Your are?