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Your Anavar Experience


How much mg per day and for how long?

With what did you take it?

Did you do Anavar only cycle?

Did you do PCT?

How much you gained and how much you lost after cycle?

What age were you?

Did you recover 100% with or without PCT?

Was your natural test back to normal,also HTPA?

Any regrets?




Im asking about EXPERIANCE that people had with it to see what they say and learn ffrom it,its not the same.Yous hate newbiews becasue they ask "stupid" questions well how can we learn when u give us shittty answers like this.


This thread has been posted 100 fucking times by different people. You've posted it 3 times in the past couple days. Go do some research for 5 minutes.


whatever,fuck this form


Whats the pooint of just doing reasearch i need actual UPDATED experiance from people that have do it.


Your Englishing sucks as much as you r logic to use steroids


and we've all told you it's a bad idea! Are you just going to keep asking until someone gives you the green light? In that case, here's:

Yes, an anavar only cycle will be fantastic. You'll look like Jeff Seid's more handsome younger brother. You won't get shut down, you'll keep all your magnificent anavar gains and women will want to have you and men will want to be you.

You will be heralded forever as the most aesthetically beautiful, powerful epitomy of all things masculine. For generations, aspiring bodybuilders will pray to idols of your face, and touch themselves at night fantasising about your sweet lines.

Now fuck off and do your stupid cycle.

And by the way, we don't hate newbs here. What we hate are IDIOTS who post multiple threads asking for advice then don't take the advice we give.


^and you will become the second guy in this site's history that can "accidently" get into contest shape.


Im not on exam or some place where i should what my typing


lol...srsly how can i learn anyhting when idiots like u are more than ppl that want to help,alrite this seems to be useless place,no detailed answer,flame etc,ill FUCK OFF


about time