Your Ab Workout

wouldn’t mind hearing what u guys do to work ur abs and/or things i could do with what i have
ive found trouble moving away from only doing crunches, reverse crunches, roll outs and windmills
the things i have to use are weights, exercise balls and a treadmill haha
not a whole lot of stuff but enough, im 16 so don’t go trollin
im seriously looking for a decent ab workout to get a stronger midsection for football

All of the exercises you listed are perfectly fine for abs. You could also do planks if you’d like.

I just do kneeling cable crunches and hanging leg raises, but for the leg raises I elevate myself off the parallel bars as though I’m in a locked out dip position.

Do you have regular access to a gym?

Squats, Dead, Overhead Press. I’ve also had success with planks and bridges- working toward a wrestler’s bridge right now.

I found Steam engines to be quite effective for football training. Similar to the bicycle crunches from a standing position you do high knees with arms up and fingers locked behind head touching your right elbow to left and left elbow to right knee. Obviously this is just one exercise and do it itself.

I’ve never done an “ab workout” in my life, but here’s a great article explaining some of the best core exercises to do after your workout: