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Your 531 Progress


Hey guys, thought id make a thread to see how everyone has progressed over there time with jims great program. Cheers


Mine is from just before starting, until end of cycle four.

Squat 285x3 - 300x5
Bench 195x3 - 200x4 (spotter touched 5…)
Deadlift 325x3 - N/A because my technique was terrible so I am in the process of fixing.
Press 130x3 - 140x4

Been really loving the program. Going to keep at it for a few more years.


Basically Tested strength for over a year and was severely burnt out when starting. This is what I lifted 4 cycles ago and now

Oly Squat 420x2 to 440x8
Bench 290x10 to 330x10
Press 220x2 to 225x5

No deadlift as I’m concentrating on bringing up my raw squat but speed pulling my heavy weights