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Your 5 favorite Boxers and MMA fighters


My favorite Boxers:
1) Roy Jones Jr
2) Manny Pacquiao
3) Pernell Whitaker
4) Erik Morales
5) Floyd Mayweather Jr.

(favorite technicians: Julio Cesar Chavez and James Toney)
Most hated: Sugar Ray Leonard (yes he was GREAT, but damn, something about him irked me)

My favorite MMA fighters:
1) Anderson Silva
2) Chuck Lidell/Wanderlei Silva
3) BJ Penn
4) George St. Pierre


1. Floyd Mayweather
2. Sergio Martinez
3. Roy Jones JR
4. Sugar Ray Robinson
5A. Bernard Hopkins
5B. Amir Khan

Not big on Mama but...
1. Uriah Faber
2. George St. Pierre
3. Anthony Pettis


In no particular order and probably not tomorrows top five

Gerald McClellan - I consider Gerald to be the best finisher of all time. As soon as he had an opponent hurt he was on them like a wild animal.
Mike McCallum - I've always had a thing for technicians with solid chins that like to stand and fight. McCallum gets extra points for his beautiful body punching.
Marvellous Marvin Hagler - See above. Astonishing infighting ability.
Pernell Whitaker - Whoever you regard as the greatest defensive artist of all time, nobody looked as fucking good in the ring as Sweet Pea. Smooth as silk.
Nicolino Locche - He's here for similar reasons to Sweet Pea, but gets extra points for his personality. Locche fought like a lazy sod, regularly took the piss out of his opponents, and occasionally used to sneak cigarettes between rounds.

Yeah, fnf, I just could not like Sugar Ray Leonard no matter how hard I tried.

On another day Jack Johnson would have made this list.

  1. Sugar Ray Robinson (although there is only limited footage of him available)
  2. Nigel Benn
  3. Marvelous Marvin Hagler
  4. Joe Frasier
  5. Edit: BHop


Hard one, there's a lot of fighters I like

1. Mike Tyson
2. Roy Jones jr
3. Pernell Whittaker
4. Bernard Hopkins
5. Sergio Martinez

MMA fighters:

  1. GSP
  2. Anderson Silva
  3. Cro Cop (back when he wasn't day dreaming while fighting)
  4. idk
  5. idk


Not that well versed in boxing but:
1) RJJ
2) Whittaker
3) Hagler
4) PBF
5) Hearns

1) Anderson Silva
2) BJ (old guard still giving larger younger guys a fight)
3) Phael Sonnen (seriously, love his wrestling for MMA)
4) Cro Cop (the Supersaiyan Crocop is a joy to watch, regular and old, not so much)
5) Shogun (when he's not jacked up or undertrained)

edit: honorable mention to Hasha Evans and Edgar


Evander Holyfield
Marvin Hagler
Arturo Gatti
Marco Antonio Barrera
Roy Jones Jr.

Wanderlai Silva
BJ Penn
Bas Rutten
Randy Couture


1) Micky Ward
2) Muhammad Ali
3) Jack Dempsey
4) Roberto Duran
5) Juan Manuel Marquez

Honorable mention - Roy Jones Jr., BHop, Ricky Hatton, Arturo Gatti

MMA...fuck that...


1) Duran (at 135)
2) Hopkins (still kickna at 46 WTF)
3) Frazier (at 205, never came in that light,i.e. in shape, after the first Ali fight)
4) Hagler
5) Holyfield (fn rock)

special mention: Terry Norris...........for the Leonard beat down.



I only know about five boxers names so I won't bother.


Fedor Amillionankles
BJ Penn
Ben Henderson
Dan Henderson
Anderson Silva


To keep it going a bit longer since combat forum doesn't get much action, how about favorite fighter for each wieght class?

I'm still out on boxing, but...


bantam - Urijah
feather - Aldo
light - Penn
welter - GSP (start hurting people again Georges!)
middle - Anderson
light heavy - Hendo
heavy - Fedor


I just realized what all my favorites have in common, the exception being the current GSP, and that is they all come to kick some ass. They don't seem to have gameplans most of the time, they don't do certain things just for the sake of scoring points, they just come to fight. I like that attitude in a fighter, my best skills vs your best skills, let's see who comes out on top.


I noticed my top 3 MMA are known for their striking first.


It's a shame the combat forum doesn't get more action, as many of the posters here seem knowledgable and reasonable, unlike so many internet fight forums.


I feel like compared to most of you guys I don't know a squat about boxing, so I won't even bother naming my favorites. With MMA I'm having hard time only picking five, but I'll give it a shot. In no particular order:

Alistair Overeem
'Shogun' Rua
Chael P. Sonnen
BJ Penn
Jose Aldo

Also got to mention just retired Lytle, true Rocky of MMA for me, Carwin before he decided he doesn't need to be big, Barboza, Pearson, Guillard and Sotiropoulos. Basically everyone who can stand and throw hard and fast or who has somehow different and more interesting ground game.


1) Sugar Ray Robinson
2) Bernard Hopkins
3) Mike Tyson (pre Don King)
4) Muhammad Ali
5) Manny Pacquiao

Honorable Mentions: Jack Dempsey, RJJ (watching him is still jaw dropping), Arturo Gatti (unbelievable heart)

1) GSP (don't care if he wins in spectacular fashion or not)
2) Frankie Edgar
3) Jon Bones Jones
4) Uriah Faber
5) Miguel Torres

Honorable mentions: Kazushi Sakuraba, Randy Couture


Too soon man, too soon...

Should have noticed this thread was made just today, what a dork this guy is.


no particular order

leonard, sugar ray

bj penn
matt huges
spencer fisher


Haha, if it got more action, there would be a lot less reason and knowledge floating around in it...


I don't like boxing. Why limit your tools?

Favorite MMA fighters
Megumi Fuji - at 125, she's such a cute little thing, 36 years old and has only lost one fight after 30 wins (her opponent was greased, I swear)
GSP - just classy and so technical
Forrest Griffin - scrappy as all hell and a riot too
Clay Guida - just loves to fight and is in such great shape
Tim Silvia - only because he wears his championship belt to the grocery store (yes, I know it was a long time ago since he was in the UFC, never mind the heavy weight champ, but back in the day...) and what about the epic fracture that he wanted to argue didn't happen so he could keep on fighting despite the fact that his arm looked like a bag full of jello