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Your 5/3/1 Forever Results?

I’m new here, but I’d like to hear some of your success stories with 5/3/1 Forever programming. Being out for over a year now, I’m sure most of you have hit PRs and have some favorite templates that you’ve run.

Pervertor template is absolutely the best I’ve tried until now. Coffinworm also is very good. I can’t give you any other hint because in the book there are so many templates that you’ll need literally years to try them all. This book is all you’ll ever need to program your training.

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I’m doing the anchor of my second Forever template so far (1000% awesome) and am starting to fully appreciate the way training is structured in Forever. At first I didn’t understand why the Leaders are so “easy” but now on my second anchor it’s becoming clear. PR’s are getting crushed and I feel good after the harder workouts too. I’ve done, and plan to continue to do them, by doing 2 leaders into 1 anchor, and then switching templates. I’m really enjoying this sort of training, and could see myself just running through these templates for years without burning out or getting bored.

Why was Pervertor the best you’ve tried?

I got good results from Pervertor as well. I’m not exactly sure why. I just has a good mix of different supplemental stuff that keeps one from getting bored. SVR II is similar, and I’m on my second cycle of the leader for it right now. I think I like it even better.

Because it gave me a very good blend of strenght and size rep schemes. And you’ll never get bored due to Its variety!