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Your 30-10-30 Results

It’s less the notion of neurotyping existing and more the dudes that are DESPERATELY seeking someone else’s permission to train the way they want to train. I find that it doesn’t reveal anything I don’t already know: I like to train and eat a certain way, so I should train and eat that way, because I’ll comply with it more and give it more effort. If I try to eat and train in a way I don’t gel with, it won’t work.

And I’m actually a Scorpio.


lol I seriously was thinking Scorpio. My mom is so into astrology I know some of the signs pretty well. But yes I agree, especially the people that stress too much of the workout fits their neurotype. Whether it does or doesn’t, if the workout works you’ll probably stick to something similar, if it doesn’t, you’ll probably find something that does suit you better. I’m excitable, I love trying different routines, I’m always looking for the next one. I actually would like to see more of my fellow Dr. Darden fans check out the rest of the forum, a lot of cool discussions and cool people, and I’m sure that alone could improve the perception of this subforum. I do think the fact that this was a merging with the old Dr Darden site is why many just stay here. But this is a great site and I think it would be cool to see more Darden/HIT trainees out in the T-Nation wild.


What Dave said, dont think it was by him, just about it

Patrella along with 3 other fellas performed the Colorado experiment

Petrella +2. The data is with someone in UK to be published

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As others have pointed out, that’s simply wrong. Coaches and training methods are objectively critiqued and constructively (sometimes unconstructively) criticized pretty regularly.

It’s definitely a T Nation thing to show respect for hard work that delivers results while also applying accountability and, when necessary, calling BS to keep people honest and humble.

I’d suggest that’s largely due to the fact that the majority of HIT advocates deliberately avoid discussions involving contrary views and prefer to stay isolated.

Because being surrounded by unwavering, thoroughly biased cheerleaders doesn’t help anyone. Offering constructive criticism is one of the best ways to help someone improve.

As I’ve said time and time again, that’s not really a thing. Dr. Darden’s Coaching forum is one of 20+ different forums on this site. While members are certainly welcome to frequent the sections they prefer (like the PWI regulars who may or may not actually lift or the Powerlifters who stay in their chalk-scented corner), this section is for coaching advice from Dr. Darden, it’s not a catch-all HIT forum. That’s a general training topic and those threads can and will be taken to Bigger, Stronger, Leaner.

I just re-read the thread twice and didn’t see a single instance of HIT being bashed and only one tangential reference to Jones. The results of this specific experiment are what is being discussed.

This really is the crux of the issue. The results are being presented as some phenomenal achievement, but objective eyes are pointing out the flaws. Of course the idea of the Colorado Experiment is awesome. Lots of ideas are awesome. Shower sex is an awesome idea. But the reality doesn’t live up to the hype. Same situation here.

Only difference is, people who’ve already decided that HIT is an optimal way to train seem unable to recognize its shortcomings.

We’ve got nine years of semiannual Photo/Video Check-ins and five years of T-ransformation challenges that should calm those worries. This ties 100% back to what I said earlier about T Nation being all about respecting hard work while providing accountability.

Now, with all of that said, this thread has been hijacked long enough and should return to its original topic. Continued debate about the Colorado Experiment thread belongs in that thread, and it’ll be very insightful to see whether or not the conversation does continue: Trainer Re-Created The Colorado Experiment


So, back to the original topic… I’ve experimented with 30-10-30 sporadically on a few exercises but not the full program. Barbell curls and reverse curls gave me one of the best arm pumps I’ve ever experienced. Reverse-grip pulldowns felt brutal, but I’d use straps to take the grip/arms further out of it and zone in even more on the lats. Safety bar squats sucked and made me hate training, and I don’t want to hate training (to be fair, that could be chalked up to me just being half a wuss).

Definitely a solid set/rep scheme that that turns the TUT up to 11. Not hard to see how a short-term, high-calorie, high-intensity program can pack on size.

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I get you’re an admin and your job is to keep the peace, and hopefully i’m allowed to disagree with you. Just about every comment on that thread is bashing HIT and Jones. They’re all snide, underhanded jabs. Correct, they dont blast from the hills that this style sucks, but the connotations are obvious. Someone else tell me if I’m wrong.

My man, I’ve been disagreed with a bunch. No worries on that end. But this really does belong in that other thread. Let’s take the conversation over there.

To repeat myself, you’re wrong. Go to that thread and copy/paste any and all comments that bash HIT and Jones. There are none, other than the single comment mentioning Jones. You’re reaching wayyyyy far to infer any “snide underhanded jabs” at HIT. The comments are very specifically and blatantly about the Before/After pics.

The leg extension to leg Press done in 30-10-30 definitely had me questioning whether I was going to make it out alive haha I would definitely like to see how that would go with squats instead of leg Press on Friday. I’m ready for the pain! Also, I disagree about the shower part, just need a big enough one and maybe a bench lol

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Imho…i agree with ya

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Chris does a great job at moderating this place. AND he has deleted a lot of the hatful/making fun comments. Something idk if other coaches have gotten.

The comments in that other thread are all valid. Just because they are saying them while laughing doesn’t make them wrong. And for the record, it could have been ANY coach that posted that article/pictures and the outcome wouldn’t have been an ounce different. None. Not even a tiny bit.
Maybe instead of playing the woe is me card, get in there and defend the article/pictures of you believe in it!

What thread are you guys talking about?

Colorado Experiment recreation

Absolutely agree on curls. Humbling
Lats get roasted when I make sure I am contracting them hard.
I am a wuss and haven’t done squats of any type, just leg press. I had been doing leg ext, leg curl and then going to a pull and press before coming back to the leg press, although yesterday I changed that and was breathing like a freight train.
I am not doing well on Triceps exercises but maybe my machine bench and military before are causing that.
I am going to ride this until I don’t feel like I am getting a response and then go completely different. Thinking maybe clusters. Not sure. I’ll figure something out.
I am a terrible squatter as compared to be deadlift. Maybe a focus on squats is what I need.

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So Dr Darden, I have been doing my 30 10 30 routine now for some 3 months making pretty good gains in reps and a little weight increases . Some workouts I can add a rep or two to some exercises and other workouts I can’t add any. Im still really enjoying 30 10 30 but I’m really at a lose now to know if I’m progressing well enough to keep doing the same thing or if it’s time to try something different ? Any suggestions ?

Well, since you tell me they were ALL valid comments I guess I don’t need to comment on the thread. Thanks!



Just do some adaptations. Add, subtract, substitute, apply some sprinting or biking, do two sets occasionally, shave your beard, invite over a couple of dancing girls.

You know what I’m talking about? I trust you.


== Scott ==
Add dancing girls and subtract clothes !! This will work great !! Thanks , ha ha

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This is what I like with bodybuilding! So many choices to improve your… Skills! LOL

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