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Your 2005 Program Outlook

I like that the new year starts on a weekend, so we all have a weekend to collect our thoughts for the coming year before getting back in the gym and ripping it up.

I don’t want to hear about anybody resolutions, but I would be interested to see what everybody’s general objectives are for this year and the year’s first program will look like for you. Maybe this can foster some accountability between some of us, maybe nobody will care. We’ll see.

For me, I generally want more power and better cardiovascular endurance.

I think I’m going to apply Chad Waterbury’s idea of incorporating sets of 10x3 along with some sets of 4x6. That scheme fits nicely with the power moves I want to do- clean, snatch, push press, etc. That’ll be the 10x3, and for the 4x6 stuff, I’ll do like 3 or 4 assistance moves.

I’ll do this either 2 or 3 non consecutive days a week, depending on what I can squeeze in, and on alternate days, I’ll focus on cardio exclusively.

As far as supps: Grow!, Surge, Power Drive, ZMA, Vitamin C, Total EFA.

Hopefully some people will get a spark in their minds by what somebody else is planning for this year. And that’s why we’re here right?

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level
of our training.”

Hi big sam,

my outlook for 2005 is to complete the Charles Poliquin arm programme, i’m currently up to phase 2. The goal here is to complete it fully and increase my arm measurement to at least 16.5 - 17 inches. Currently 16 inches.

I want to obtain 140kgs for 5 - 15 reps + squats
I want to obtain 140kgs for 5-15 reps + deadlifts

Slowly increase my chin up strength to 60lbs for 5 + reps

Increase my chest size, especially upper chest.

Increase calf size, which im lacking a bit.

Thats it.

Hi Sam,
I’m too fat. Tomorrow I’m going to start my 2nd week EDT (the lose the fat keep the strength version). I want to perform some anaerobic cardio at least 1/week at home (cyclette). I want to control better my caloric intake.
After EDT I would start a powerlifting routine then TBT then Shoulders Overhaul. At this point if I’m too fat I will perform the next big three + 2 days/week anaerobic cardio.
Happy New Year !

Starting a 5x5 program 3 times per week with strongman events on Saturday.

Full-body Monday. Squats, Dips, Bbl rows, Reverse Curls (abs-calves)

Full-body Wednesday. Hang Clean, Push Press, Supin. Chins, CG Bench (forearms/Grip)

Full-body Friday. Trap bar DL, Inc. DB Press, Bbl Shrugs, Bbl Curls (calves/abs)

Strongman Saturday. Tire Flips, Sled Drag, Keg Toss, Atlas Stone to platform, Farmers Walk.

I just finished up 8 weeks of TBT and am looking to put all this new muscle to good use so its back to Westside training for me. I have to get my bench numbers up. They haven’t been moving anywhere near the way my squats and deads have. My goal right now is 2x bodyweight (about 310lb) so I’ve got about 60lbs to go.

2004 was finished by fully following JB’s nutrition, and completing the 8 week TBT.

I have put it into phases

Phase 1 was JB’s Nutrition
Phase 2 was TBT 8 week

goals of these phases was to get BF into the single digits, while keeping muscle fullness.

So for 2005

Phase 3 Repair x-mas damage :slight_smile:
Phase 4 Add 10 lbs of LBM (less 11%bf)

This is my general out look thus far.

My first goal is a bodyweight reduction of 20lbs - from my current 200 to 180. Though this is the first time in my life I’ve been this big, and it’s been nice having that 2 in front of the double-aughts, I want to get back to what was probably my most enjoyable weight. Plus, I want to be able to pull a few more pullups than I can now.

My inital program is going to focus on joint strength and balance. Going to really work on my rotator cuffs, VMOs, and hams.

Afterwords, I’m working on my overall strength, hypertrophy, and endurance.

1 week ago I started CT’s Part Time Beast Workout for 2 workouts/week. I am doing this so that I can do some more cardio and increase my rather woeful aerobic fitness levels so that I can compete in a few triathalons at the end of the summer in February/March. At the same time I will be working hard on my rotator cuffs and forearms (twice per week each) to bring these muscles up to speed as they are holding me back on the compound exercises, especially deadlifts and chin-ups. I’ll probably do this for up to 12 weeks.

I was then thinking of getting my strength levels to increase by doing a program along the lines of the recent “Waterbury Method” program, but I want to throw in a few of the Olympic lifts. I’ll probably do this for 8 weeks.

After that I was thinking of following a variety of CT’s programs, starting with Shoulder’s Overhaul, then OVT or Pendulum Bodybuilding, a cutting cycle in about October to get ready for summer and then something like Athletes Pendulum Training because I would like to have at least one more summer of competing in a few triathalons.

Next year I plan to follow CW’s programs for something different e.g. ABBH, SFM, TTT etc


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