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Youngsters on Gear


After a recent workout, a kid I know from the gym (probably about 18) walked up to me and began asking my opinions on gear. Though I have yet to use, I am fairly well read on the subject and have been around many lifters that have used plenty of gear. That being said, there's obviously a lot that I don't know so I answered a lot of his questions to the best of my ability, but eventualy pointed him towards this forum for any info that he may need. My question, though, is for far more experienced lifters/AAS users than I. What are the biggest risks with a kid starting to juice at such a young age and/or a training age of only 2-3 years? I understand the kid may max out on his potential much sooner, but is there any hormonal effects that are more likely to happen when someone uses gear this early as opposed to waiting until 23-24? I'd like to hear any feedback possible that I could give this kid if using at such a young age is truly such an awful idea. He will probably use anyways, but anything I could use to change his mind would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Youngsters on gear may have prostate hypertrophy


Is that from experience or hearsay?

There's so much stuff written everywhere to "scare" ppl from gear that I only really believe things from actual users


Kids/ young guys today have the fast food mentality now! now! now!..The problem is even on gear they gain modest amounts from average effort in the gym, doing "beach workouts" curls and bench...I remember guys getting pissed who were taking test and anadrol because me & my training partner were natural and crushing 500lb squats, pulling 500+ lbs... we trained very hard, something most kids don't have/ do.. the patience, intensity, or consistency. I would tell anyone that is planning on gear, train hard for 10 years then try it.


I couldn't agree more as I learn new things conccerning my training all the time. Very few kids know how to workout properly and it takes time to figure it out for yourself. But assuming someone at 18 or 19 works out with the intensity/consistency that is necessary to make big gains, is it detrimental to his health any more than gear is to someone at an older age? The kid is probably going to get on regardless, but if there are any health issues for such a young kid, I'd like to be able to bring them to his attention..


I first juiced at 18.

The only observable consequences were making my teen acne worse, and maybe speed up my MPB, which is now creeping on me at 22.