Hey guys, im a 16 yr old high school student. I was wondering what kind of snack you would reccomend in betwwen breakfast and lunch. ITs kinda hard to eat cuz of my school stupid rules against it.

I had the same problem in high school. I used to make a protein shake in the morning and put it in a thermos and slam it down between second and third hour class. The thermos kept it cold enough long enough so no worries there.

Beef jerkey is perfect. Try it.

I had the same problem that u had…i would always carry around some creatine in juice and a jar of peanuts. That kept me from chewing my arm off before lunch

both are good ideas. I’m assuming you are after mass. You could also bring a protein bar and drink a milk. Or a banana. Nuts. Sunflower seeds. A sandwich like a wrap is easy to chow down on quick. Schools today are basically minimum security juvenile detention centers. If anyone ever gives you a problem about eating, give them an offended look and tell them that you have low blood sugar or some other medical condition. This will shut the jackass up. If they are not even letting you eat by your locker, and you have big ‘huevos’ just tell them that you are eating because you are hungry and when you are full, you’ll stop.

my school had the same dumb rules. i had my mom call and tell them i could eat if i wanted to eat (no kidding, that’s almost exactly what she said.) schools seem to listen to parents… you could try that.

That is a good idea Michelle if your parents are nice. There is always the combative male approach and the more sensible female approach to every problem. I should have had my parents call…
“hello, this is Rafael’s mother. I just want to let you know that he Is allowed to fight in the cafeteria, drink beer during assemblies, and lift weights instead of attending class. Also, I’m sending the doctor’s note permitting him to change in the girl’s locker room”

I usually pack a quart of milk in a thermo. I just slam it down in between 3rd and 4th periods. 360 cals, 32 grams protein.

I always take several pieces of individually wrapped string cheese in my pocket and shove half a piece down when the teacher isn’t looking.