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Youngest Age for Steroid Use


Hey guys Iâ??m pretty new to the world of steroids so I was wondering if anyone is able to give me some advice before I try taking anything, Iâ??m posting this on another site too so if you see it donâ??t think I'm ignoring your advice and looking for better advice. Sorry for the long post but any advice would be appreciated.

I have nothing against waiting longer or starting earlier itâ??s just that once I start I am not planning to stop until I am one of the worldsâ?? best. I am planning to start my first cycle at 20; I am currently 18 with only two years experience lifting so by 20 I would have 4 years experience in the gym.

I am 190 pounds with 17% body fat, given the rate I have been going at I can see myself at 20 being at least 210 pounds and 10% body fat.

My stats are (and please note my actual maximum might be higher as these stats are for 5 reps);
â?¢ Bench press: 170 pounds
â?¢ Squat: 310 pounds
â?¢ Deadlift: 250 pounds

I train 4 days a week:
â?¢ Tuesday: chest, lats and triceps
â?¢ Thursday: legs
â?¢ Saturday: biceps, shoulders and back
â?¢ Sunday: legs (I train legs twice because I want to further increase my jump height)

I eat a minimum of 200g protein a day and am getting well over my calorie needs.

I have read that underage steroid use will have permanent negative effects on my bodyâ??s HPTA and can cause stunted growth due to excess Estrogen through Testosterone aromatisation.
So my questions are:
1. If I was to take non aromatising orals and a good AI would I be able to minimise the effects of Estrogen on my growth?
2. Would the damage to my HPTA be negligible if I was to cycle on and off steroids indefinitely until Iâ??m old and grey and given up on bodybuilding?
3. And lastly if I hope to one day be like Ronnie Coleman and the other greats, if I waited until the recommended age of 25 would I still be able to make it or would I need the extra 5 years and start at 20 or even earlier assuming my diet and routine are on point?


  1. No one can tell you that for sure.
  2. No one can tell you that for sure.
  3. No one can tell you that for sure.

Just wait, kid. You've your whole life to take steroids. You don't want to potentially fuck yourself up trying to achieve a goal that you might not even still want to achieve in 5 years.

Just be patient. Your physique and lifts are good for your age already.


First, read the links I posted in this thread for the adverse effects of starting steroids too early.


Second, let's make one thing clear:

To be a PRO, you need PRO genetics. To be Ronnie Coleman, you need to have the best genetics AMONG THE PROS. This includes the ability to build muscle and gain strength at a ridiculous rate and having the required skeletal frame, proportions and muscle insertions.

Why are you even thinking about drugs when you haven't even been accessed by any top bodybuilding coaches nor have you taken part in any natty competition to see how you place? It's ok to dream, but GOALS have to be approached objectively based on results.


okay, thank you for the advice guess 25 it is then