YoungBull's Training Log

A little about myself:

I currently don’t have a camera or a scale. I am planning on picking them up when I go home for thanksgiving break. For now I will post pictures off of my cell phone.

Age: 21
Height: 6’4"
Weight: Guessing around 250lbs at the moment

I am currently trying to gain weight and strength to fix my weaknesses. I currently don’t have a set time frame of when I will continue to gain weight till. I haven’t really bulked much in my life so I think I will go with how I feel.

Eatting habits:
I usually get as much food as I can pending on how big my pay check is. This is pretty much my only expense at the moment. I eat steak and chicken as my main protein sources and cheat when I’m no the run or feel like I want something different.

I am not anal about what I eat and as long as I’m not in a deficit I am happy with the days nutrition.

Exercise Selection:
Monday: Quads - front squat, leg press, leg ext

Tuesday: Back(lagging) - I am currently doing the back exercises CT mentioned in his article about not knowing jack about your back. Pullup iso hold at top (20sec), decline rows, seated double cable row, LPD.

Wednesday: Chest - decline db bench, db bench, bd flys
Bis - Preacher db curl, single arm cable curls, preacher db curl

Thursday: Shoulders - db presses, lat raises, rear delt machine, lat raise machine

Friday: Hamstrings - RDL, leg curls

Saturday: Chest - Incline DB bench, incline db flys
Bis- same as weds

Sunday: Shoulders - same as thursday
Triceps - one arm rope ext, one arm over head rope ext, v bar ext

Currently I am trying to bring up my shoulders. I believe that they were my weakest point and they have really come a long since I have upped their frequency. I changed my back program because I was having trouble feeling that I worked it hard enough.

I am feeling good with what I have now, but am open to suggestions. My biggest lager of all are my Biceps. I never gave them any direct attention over the years I played football… didn’t see a need for it.

Also my chest was lagging because my triceps overpowered everyone of my chest movements. Since I have switched to db movements for my chest development and have seen much improvement.


225lbs 4x10
245lbs 1x8

Leg Curls:
140lbs 2x10,1x8,1x7

Standing Calf Raises:
585lbs 2x12,1x11,2x10,1x9

Been PRin in nearly everything since I upped my calories :slight_smile:


Single arm DB preacher curl:
35lbs 2x10,1x8,1x6

1-arm cable curl:
40lbs 2x11,2x10

Single arm DB hammer curl:
25lbs 3x8,1x7

Upper Chest:
Incline DB press:
85s 1x10
90s 2x8,2x7

Incline DB flys:
35s 2x12
40s 1x10, 1x9

Great workout today. Best I’ve ever done on DB incline. Can’t wait to reach those 100s!


DB shoulder press
70s 4x8,1x7

DB seated lat raises
35lbs 3x10,1x9

Rear Delt Machine:
88lbs 3x12
101lbs 1x10

Lat raise machine:
90lbs 2x12,2x10

1-arm rope pushdowns
60lbs 4x9

1-arm rope overhead pushouts
50lbs 2x10,1x9,1x8

v-bar pushdowns
100lbs 1x12
110lbs 1x12
120lbs 1x11,1x10

Got a PR on shoulder press on my forth set. I wasn’t that happy with it seeing how my gains are starting to slow since I increased my frequency. It has been four week of doing Shoulder two times per week. I think I am going to cut it back down to once a week and hopefully my gains will get a little better.

Here is a picture for what it is worth. Couldn’t get a back picture with my phone by myself and I don’t have any long mirrors to show off the wheels, but here’s a front and when I get a camera I will be able to take some quality pictures.


Front Squats:
215lbs 3x10,1x8,1x7

Leg press:
455lbs 3x10,1x9

leg ext:
70lbs 3x12

Seated calf raise:
180 2x10,3x8

PR on the front squats… Coming up on that 275x10 soon!

Iso Holds Top of pullup:
BW 5x20seconds

Rack Pull:
315 3x5
405x5 alternating grip

decline db row:
50lbs 2x12
60lbs 1x10
65lbs 1x10

LPD: Hold in flexed position 12sec,9sec,7,5,3,1
80lbs 4x7

Double Cable row:
80lbs 10
90lbs 2x10

DB shrugs
95lbs 3x12
100lbs 2x12

I was doing the rack pulls without straps to work on my grip. As you all can see my grip needs work seeing how I got 405 5 times easily with an alternate grip. I don’t know if I should ditch the grip work on my rack pulls to get a greater back recruitment or stick with it and wait for my grip strength to get to a certain point.


DB decline bench:
90s 3x10,2x8

DB Bench:
70s 3x10,1x9

DB flys
45s 3x8,1x6

Felt great up to 95s next week!

245lbs 3x10,2x8

Leg curls:
140lbs 3x10, 2x8

Standing calves:
605 3x10
635 2x8

Note: Eatting this much this often is a lot of work… gettin it done though!


Upper chest:
DB Incline Press:
90s 2x10,1x8
95s 1x8,1x7

DB Incline Flys:
40s 4x12

Soon I’m going to need to move to the HS machine or back to BB because my gym only has 100lb DB :frowning:

DB shoulder press:
70s 2x10,1x9,1x8,1x7

DB lat raises:
35s 2x10
40s 2x8

rear dealt machine:
101lbs 3x12
113lbs 1x10

lat raise machine:
90lbs 2x12,1x11,1x10

1-arm rope tri pushdowns:
60lbs 3x10
65lbs 1x8

1-arm overhead tri ext:
55ls 4x8

v-bar tri push downs:
120lbs 1x12,3x11

Glad I took that other shoulder day out of my week. Next week I will be on to the 75lbs dbs. The only thing is my left shoulder get fatigued every easy and I feel that I can get a few more(around 2) with my right shoulder.

Ever since I had surgery two years on my labrum it has been like this. I was thinking maybe I should add some face pulls or something for a little rehab? But idk just add them in twice a week until I feel comfortable? I wouldn’t say I am in paid, but then again pain is a subjective term :).

Front Squat:
225 1x10,2x8,1x4

leg press
495 2x10

seated calves:
190 1x9,2x8,1x7,1x6

PR on the 315 although I never have gone for a 1rm on front squat. Was feeling good and kind of pissed I only got that 225x4 on my 5th set even though my legs were shot I decided to see where I could go within reason. Then with all the 1 reps I was feeling rested for the leg press and put a few extra pounds on!

Yesterday’s workout:
Rack Pulls
405x5 Wrist wraps here down

Iso hold top part of pullups:

Decline DB row:
65lbs 3x10
70lbs 1x8

Lat pulldowns hold at bottom
90lbs 3x (12,9,7,5,3,1sec)

2-arm cable row:
100lbs 2x12, 2x10

DB shrugs
100lbs 5x12

Decline DB press
95s 5x8

DB Bench:
75s 1x10,2x8,1x6

DB flys:
45s 1x10,1x8,2x7

Busy Weekend
255 2x10
265 2x9

Lying leg curls
140lbs 4x10, 1x9

PR on that 275 :slight_smile:

Incline DB Bench
95s 3x8
100s 1x8,1x7

Incline DB flys
45s 2x12,2x10

DB shoulder press
75s 4x8,1x7

lat raises
40s 2x10,2x8

rear delt machine
120lbs 3x10, 1x8

Lat raise machine
90lbs 4x12

closegrip bench
205 2x7,2x6

1-arm rope push downs

1-arm rope overhead ext

Moving to the 80s next week! My shoulders are coming a long to my liking. Hopefully pressing those 100sx8 before the new year.