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Young PLer - PL Friendly Gym in Chicago 'Burbs

alright here’s the deal… I’m 15 and I love PL. I’m going to start competing next year @165. I have a shot at some chicago records for my division and I’d like to start training as soon as possible after football is over.

I live about 45 minutes from chicago and there aren’t any good PL friendly gyms in the burbs, they’re all in the city. Since i can’t drive and my parents work all the time the only means of transportation is the train, which is always a little hairy. anyone know some garage or private gyms in the suburbs?

Which suburb? There’s Monster Garage Gym in Waukegan.


Niles YMCA, Quad’s Gym. Check powerliftingwatch.

Jakked Hardcore in Montgomery, it is probably one of the most powerlifting friendly gyms in the burbs, we are always looking for more lifters. Though our current youngest is 19, but we are always ready to teach new lifters.

Where at in the burbs are you exactly?

im in the orland/tinley park area

Jakked would probably be a little bit of a drive for you then, we do have people the come from Lockport though

Check out ChicagoPowerlifting.com