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Young People are Fascinating!


In the past month, I've found on this site:

(1) A thread where a guy posts cartoons of 12 year old little girls with large breasts. Some have semen stains on themselves or their clothing.

(2) A thread where men who have long hair, fingernail polish, and earrings aren't necessarily gay!

(3) Photos of girls kissing. Are they lesbians? I used to think so, but I might be wrong.

(4) I've argued with a guy who says that "God can suck my dick!"

Besides all the great body development info, we have all this great stuff! Absolutely fascinating!!


What do you expect? You're at least 30 years older than most of those you're talking about, so you're out of the loop and have been for years. Face it man, you're gettin old. Just like when your parents didn't understand the Beatles or Roling Stones when they became a hot item and all the psychadelic things of the sixties. You are now your parents. You mellow as you age, and the kids, well, they seek new and different things to set themselves apart from you. It's a cycle that has been going on for as long as humans have been around.


Yeah, it does suck to get old. But the alternative is worse!! :slight_smile:

And hey, I'm only 51! I believe 20 years older, but 30?


Photos of girls kissing is new to you? I mean, what were you doing through the 90's? Ever heard of Girls Gone Wild?

Or just the Golden Girls?




Oh tastaaaayyyy!!! I'd hit the one in the top left! and the bottom left... ah fuck it, the other two aswell!


Got to give you your props on that one , Professor. LOL!

Is 'give you your props' now outdated as well? Must ask my kids too!


I'm pretty thorough on this site, checking out every forum except Politics, and I have seen NONE of these things! I'm not getting the most out of T-Nation, even though I visit here several times each day.

I feel...deprived.

(And for the record, BIGRAGOO, it's not necessarily an age thing. Not all of us men-beyond-a-certain-age have brains that calcify. Some people just don't like change or the outre.)


Hey, Rue McLannahahn was hot!! :slight_smile:


True, but it seems the older we get, the more resistant to change we are, and the more we complain about what's new. Hell, I'm 29 and there shit happening, especially in the music industry, that have me going, WTF???


Check this out


I would be SO first in line.


I'd be right behind you in line.


It's not all young prople, probably not even most of them (though maybe).

I'm 21 years old, and I agree with you on three (or maybe two) of your four points. I have always known that those girls weren't really lesbians, but somehow it's never really bothered me.

I've never found that the guy with the long hair and nail polish is necessarily "pound-me-in-the-butt-please" gay, but he's definitely an anti-man. I'm not sure if that's what you meant, but it makes sense to me.


Have you given any thought to the possibility that it's not your age?

Maybe you were a boring tight-ass when you were young, as well?

If you don't like it...leave?


Amateurs.... Download it before the release.


How shocking, do you watch TV at all ?

I suppose in your times the raunchiest thing was seeing the odd table leg or a ladies ankle, let alone a train entering a tunnel, a rocket taking off or rain on a window.

Think how sex on TV is more acceptable, you see T&A in films and even mainstream film are getting quite explicit.

In a few years you will probably see ejaculation and some pretty rough stuff and all sorts of hardcore stuff. Think I'm nuts ? Well check out now to the 60's how much T&A did you see on TV, about none ! So its a natural progression. Get ready to complain about it.


um ragoo, are you going brokeback or something ?


Yeah, that was kinda' gay!


Methinks the sequel, I would actually watch