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Young Man Needs Help

Hello everyone!

So, I am 19 years old and I have some issues.

I have been training for 2 years, and I had quite a few problems. I lost a lot of weight (about 30lbs). I started counting my calories and training and I had results.

But for many months i hit a plateau in many ways. I don’t get stronger almost at all, and i find it near impossible to gain more mass. I am not big by any means, if anything I am small (I am 5’11 and about 170lbs).

If I maintain, i stay at my current bodyfat (about 11-12%). I have tried going under but its almost impossible, at this point at a caloric deficit i lose a big deal of strength and find it almost unmanageable.

Even though I reached fairly low BF (enough for a 6 pack to show even!), i still have puffy nipples and love handles. I tried cutting more but it wasn’t really worth it beyond this point.

I also have a problem with bulking. Before id gain a fair amount of strength and it would be successful, i’d gain some fat in the process which is completely normal but it would be worth it.

Now I hardly gain any mass and pretty much just get fatter tits and hips, not even stronger on a bulk.

So i decided to maintain for now, and get some blood work done.

My results were (I don’t have the paper with me right now but i remember them)

Total test: 400 ng/dl (range was 300-1200)
Free test: Don’t remember the lab range but I was in the bottom 25% percentile
Prolactin: Way too high (i don’t remember the units but it was 0-60, and i had over 70)
Estradiol: Not over the limit but high, top 25% percentile.

Not only did i have so many problems at the gym, but I noticed that I have symptoms of low test in every day life too. Constant fatigue and ack of focus, lowered sex drive.

I went to a doctor which pretty much dismissed all I had to say and told me its all in my head and everything is fine.

What should I do? Are my tests actually fine? I don’t feel exactly fine.

In the meanwhile, what do you suggest to lower prolactin/estrogen naturally?

We have had many guys your age with similar issues.

There is a steep learning curve. You need to find the source of the problem and fix that. So you need to be open minded to different issues and not have T tunnel vision. Low T is a symptom, not a cause. Start by reading the advice for new guys sticky. Be open minded to all issues there.