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Young Lifter - Westside Barbell for Raw Lifting


Took some time to get it together, but I am now going to share my training with you all. A little background:

Age: 18
Weight: 225 pounds
Height: 6'5"
Experience: Appr. 2 years
Goals: Improving Raw BP, Deadlift and Squat in addition to recovering from several knee injuries.
Extra: I practice alot of martial arts on the side. Currently Ashihara Karate and Wing Tsun.

Training Background:

I've had nothing but good results using Wendler's 5/3/1, but i found that the percentages killed some of the fun in my training. I tried mixing up the training in a lot of ways and finally ended up, slowly adapting the principles of Louie Simmons' Westside Barbell Methods. Today I'm pretty much going Westside all year round.

My stats are as follows (note that i haven't participated in any meets, lifts are raw):
Bench Press: 280 Pounds
Deadlift: 410 Pounds
Squat*: 280 Pounds

*Still recovering from a series of injuries in the left knee.

For the following few months, the goal is to get the squat "working" and bumping the bench press up to 300 pounds.

, Emil


Todays training:

Dynamic Upper:

Skipped Pressing (deload):

Triceps Pushdowns: 5x8 @ 90
Pull Ups: 3x5 @ b/w
Chest-Supported Rows: 3x5 @ 242
Stretchers: 2x12 @ 110
DB Seated Press: 8x5 @ 53

Nice and easy workout. Short Biceps session tomorrow morning.