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Young Lifter, Here's My Workout

Hey guys, First post on T-Nation. I'm 15 years old, 200 pounds and overall have a pretty decent build. I've been lifting since I was 13, but I had no idea what I was doing. Only thing I probably did was curl. 

This is my workout

Monday - Incline Bench Press/ Flat bench press/ Shrugs / Overhead press/ Hammer curls

Tuesday - Box squats

Wednesday - off

Thursday - Monday’s workout

Friday - Tuesdays

Sat/sunday - off days

Could you guys check out that workout and give me advice on it? I am also in the process of building a sled, I’ve read and heard it was good for your posterior chain, how would you guys recommend I add it into my current workout? Thanks for your help if any, - John Jamieson

Supplements - Creatine/Whey protein

Lots of pressing little to no pulling you need to tow a lot more.

Instead of repeating the days why not have 4 two upper two lower

one day Dl and assistance
one squat and assistance
one flat bench and assistance
one OH press and assistance

other than that Goals??

sled can be great for recovery, conditioning, or a w/o of its own what are you aiming to get out of it?? id guess more conditioning/recovery from the 4 days lifting. Drag that sucker but pretty light varied ways front, back, sideways etc dont go over kill and have it effect the w/o’s


That’s a pretty thorough routine actually.

Thanks for responding.

As for goals, I have been training SERIOUSLY for maybe 6 months, maybe a little bit more, everything else I had no idea of what I was doing and my workouts consisted of garbage.
My lifts at the moment are sitting at

Bench - 135
Squat - 165
Deadlift - 185
OH press- 95

I hope that in about 6 months, I can increase my deadlift to 225+, and get my squat around there also. Maybe get my bench around 150+.

As for body weight I might want to go downa little, but right now I don’t really care too much.

As for the sled, I actually have no idea what I want to get out of it, I figure it can add a little variety to my workouts. Not 100% sure though, any ideas? Thanks for responding - John Jamieson

No straight-legged deadlifts. You’re just asking for back carnage. Other than that good.

I’d move the rowing to upper body days and add more pulling. At least do pull-ups or chins.

It looks good overall, but I would recommend making your day 2 look like this:

Back Squats
Good Mornings

If you want to squat and deadlift in the same week, you could do that workout on tuesday, and then switch it from quad dominant to hip dominant on Thursday, so it would look like this:

Split Squats

Hope this helps.

That’s an interesting plan. Another idea is to use Tues as written (but substituting RDLs, or GMs for stiff leg deads), but Thursday do all your back work first–hard, heavy, and lots of it, and only as much legs as you can handle afterwards.

In other words, switch the order of your Tuesday training (back now first, legs now last), and use different exercise variations from Tues (eg-dumbell row instead of barbell row, or cable rows or whatever.)

Aim for totalling the same weekly volume for your back as your pressing. In other words, say if you do 6 total sets of horizontal pressing, and 6 sets of vertical pressing in a week, try to get 6 sets horz. rowing, and 6 sets vert. pulling in the week.

Of course, you’ll probably want to do more back volume than pressing volume for a while to equalize your back, which is probably weak compared to your chest.

Great to see a post by a young lifter who’s go it right and who’s not asking to have a schedule critiqued where he trains arms, chest and abs 3 times a week and legs once with leg extensions :slight_smile:

The following is a program I put a 16 year old on 6 months ago and he gained 8lbs in 10 weeks while losing 3 lbs of fat. He added 1/2 inch to his arms as well. Perhaps it helps you with programming your own schedule.

Incline Presses at 75 degree angle with dumbells alternated with,
Chin ups (grip width similar to incline press grip)
Bench PRess alternated with
Chest supported bent rows (grip width same as BP)
Snatch grip deadlifts (use straps and or hooks in the later sets)

Leg curls Poliquin style
Seated calf raises
hanging pikes
hammer curls
triceps dumbell extensions

Monday and Tuesday all exercises 5 sets of 5 with 80% 0f 1Rm and 60 seconds rest between sets. Once 5 sets of 5 are possible with that weight, increase the weight.

Military presses alternated with
Pull ups (palms facing
Decline DB bench Presses alternated with dumbell rows
Deadlift off a 4 inch box
Saxon bends

Step ups
Seated leg curls
calf raises with barbell on back
weighted crunch
reverse curls
tate presses (search for pic on this site)

Thursday and Friday reps were 3x8 with 90 seconds rest between sets. Weight increase only when 3 sets with 75% of 1Rm were completed.

Saterday he did the following at home with dumbells:

reverse wrist curls
overhead shrugs
DB shoehorn (for rotator cuff)

Hope this helps!

Good luck, you are off to a great start!


Thank you all for your help it is very appreciated :slight_smile: Keep it coming - John Jamieson