Young Kimbo aka Cream of Wheat Jackson

there are no words.

Wow…That shit is classic.

Is this guy fucking serious?

EDIT: Nm heard him say he thinks he ruptured his fallopian tube so I know he can’t be serious.


“I think I ruptured my fallopian tubes”


My hero!

[quote]WS4JB wrote:

there are no words.[/quote]

Wow…really…just, wow

hahaha “I hope I don’t catch a hernia”

“I drank hard, and I got it, and I earned this belly.”

I think it must have been the Michael Jackson gloves that gave him that power.

That is too damn funny!

was that a curl or a power clean

lol funny fucker

[quote]Rattler wrote:

“I think I ruptured my fallopian tubes”


shit. I cant stop laughing. “hope I don’t catch a hernia”.
and the tucking his weight belt into his pants, wtf.

LOL! Imagine me six months ago!

That guy was amazing!



Wait…so if the weight belt doesn’t fit, you just tuck it in your pants?

…and knowing is half the battle.

I love the way he put the belt in his pants…

EDIT : Aww X beat me to it :frowning: