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Young Guys Who HAVE Taken TRT Plunge?


26 years old.....obviously, i'm looking into causes etc. Hoping to hear about your experience on TRT as a young(ish) man

TSH 3.210 .450-4.500
T3 3.1 2.0-4.4
T4 1.67 .82-1.77

Testosterone, Serum 43 280-800
Testosterone, Free 1.7 9.3-26.5



i would run a retest because that seems like a lab error. Plus looks like you got a jack ass for an dr who has missed 90% of the issue when it is staring at you in the face. TSH above 1.5 is red flag for thyroid issue in >90% of the cases i have personally dealt with. I would look into causes. If you wish I am avaliavle for consultation and may be can help you pinpoint what the problem is if you want to go the natural route. Many guys from here have comes to see me and have not regretteed on bit. TRT is out of the question for now and most likely problems lies in thyroid or adrenals as I can see what information is provided. If you go on TRT you may be creating more problems down the road.


I agree-a retest is definitely needed! I read a story about a young doctor who had about those levels of testosterone and never went through puberty. I think immediate action should be taken because it is doubtful lifestyle, diet, etc could drop your levels THAT low!!!


My levels were 40 at one time and this was due to super elevated cortisol levels so it could be possible but it will only be temperary not permeant..The jack ass dr gave me 2.5 mgs of androgel. I throw it back in his face as if it was a real insult. He kicked me out of his office LOL


Well if so, I stand corrected. Regardless, the OP needs a much more extensive blood test panel. Haha, HAN, I think I will follow your lead and definitely make a scene at my next appointment. Since I usually wait about 30 mins in the room before he even shows up, that should be enough time to set up a water boarding table, right?? All I will say is, "we can do this the easy way..." and point to his little prescription pad "...or the hard way..." and point to my make shift waterboarding table.


JL if you need a good Dr I work with and MD that specializes in HRT. Together we look for why levels are low through evasive testing and using common sense approach unlike most Dr's lack because the cause is right under their nose just need to look little further.


HAN-I appreciate the offer. I am pretty broke right now; I will definitely keep that in mind.


This guy needs TRT and yes, he needs to look at broader problems with more lab work. As a young man he needs to be looking for problems with the pituitary gland that might have broader implications. A history would indicate if this low T was always the case or recent. Blows to the head can damage the pituitary gland or there could be a growth on the pituitary gland. Most of these issues are explored in the stickies.


Good to see you back KSMan!!!