Young Guns

My friend is 19 years old and has done a few cycles. The first one being one sustanon every 5 days for 2 months then proceeded to take more gear. Last year he was taking 500mg of sust with 500mg of deca a week, this cycle lasted about 10 weeks. After without giving himself enough time off he began using some test just to keep good training and has never really been off for a long time, for sure not more than 2 months.This year he would perhaps like to do something more conservative and this is what he has to use. 5-10 cc test enanthates, 10 vials of deca and 100 tabs of halotestin. He would like to know what do you guys think would be the best way to use these drugs while keeping the most of his gains after the cycle. Although I’m asking this question for him and what is answered is totaly up to you, please ( he needs to be told) that there should be a certain amount of time that should be given in between cycles. He keeps using the gear and will go off for like 4-6 weeks and usues smaller doses in between cycles. Also the drugs like sust stay in your body for a long time and technically he is never really off. I find this very stupid and unscientific. Anyway I would be interested in what you guys would have to say.

He needs to get ahold of some clomid or even some Tribex-500 and dry out for at least 3 months before embarking on another cycle. The sust is active in the system for a month anyway… does he even realize that??