Young Girls Seem BIG

I don’t know if its just me, but it seems like most of the young girls
(17 - 18 year olds) I’m meeting lately seem a hell of a lot bigger than girls of the same age from years ago. I began to notice this trend a few years ago, but it really hit home with the graduation parties I’ve been attending. I don’t mean fat…just BIG. Big shoulders, big tits, big hips, good sized thighs,etc… Seems like most of them hover around 140 lbs. Frankly, I love it, but it seems odd that I rarely see a petite chick anymore. Has anyone else made this observation? TenMan

yeah, i have to say that i’ve noticed it too. not only that but even girls even younger. little 14-15 year olds look like they are 18 or 19. it makes me sick. cause when i was younger 14-15 looked 14-15 now that i’m 21 sometimes its hard to tell. but even the 18-19 year old girls do seem bigger. i’ve met several taller girls like you said around 140lbs. hot!! just perfect shape and build. it seems like short and petite girls are getting harder and harder to find. i mean i like big women but little petite girls interest me a lot more.

The Olson twins are 17 and doing just fine. That’s all that matters.

bump…thought I’d get more mileage out of this topic.

TENMAN: Where do you live? Could be a geographic specific trend…

As for the bigness trend, it’s probably all related to the faster accumulation of growth hormones in recent years meats. It affects everything, big time.

Let’s face it:

  • Girls having their menses at 8-9 years old becoming more and more frequent (percentage wise);
  • Each generation being taller than the one before;
  • Kids having tons of allergies (apparently, the challenge is to enter a teen school class, and ask everybody who has no allergies at all to raise hands…it’s a rarity)
  • Like you said, being bigger and more mature before time;
  • Etc.

Can’t be just a statistical abberation. Until I find a better explanation, I’ll stick to the added growth hormone input to explain major generational differences.

Tenman… It’s all the estrogen and crap in the meat now. Girls are developing breasts in elementary school. Sad…
While I do notice girls developing earlier, I notice another trend w/ teenage girls. There are more of them in the gym and just not on the tread mills, they make up the majority of the girls in the free weight section.

I recall an ad in Western Canada where a bikini clad babe was displayed and the pitch was: I threw a party with (ranchers/cowboys/meat eaters). They could not come. Scary.

Maybe you’re just getting smaller. :slight_smile:

I would imagine part of the reason is due to the general rise in body fat in the younger generation. Body fat manifests itself differently at certain levels. If you add 10lbs of fat to your regular thin teenage girl, then she gets hips and breasts more often than not.

I think this is why a lot of the girls who were considered smoking in high school turn out chubby. Those girls with a higher propensity for putting on body fat developed earlier and thus mesmerized our teenage hormones.

i went to a graduation recently as well.

From what I saw, there was a pretty even split, the girls where tall, slender and big chested(almost like runway model types, except they have breats and hips), or they were the type you were describing.

most of the boys were just fat.

fairly different. I graduated almost 14 years ago, and almost without exception, the girls were smaller, thin, small/no chests.

Something in the water. as has been noted, girls have womens bodies when they are 13-14 years old these days, very scary…

Tell me about it. I now have a record.

I think JaredNFS may be on to something with the ‘boob and ass’ fat thing. The teenage girls I see are either complete waifs or a minimum of 20lbs overfat - and yes, it usually rests in their floppy, fatty boobs, ass and the love handles that bulge over the sides of their “Extreme Low Rise” hip huggers. I haven’t seen a teenage female in healthy, slightly muscular shape in a very long time. True, I don’t frequent places I’m likely to see them other than the gym and the occasional obligatory trip to the mall. There’s just not a “trend” in my area toward big Amazonian females - or toward athleticism - in teenage females.

That extreme classification makes sense.

Waif. Most teen girls (here) smoke to cut down their hunger, so that even if they do eat a balanced diet, the final amount will probably be insufficient and way below healthy/normal levels…therefore the waif look.

The others. (Insert any answer/excuse here that goes well with the no responsibility at all/victim mindset.)

They need role models. And better judgement.

I think it’s much easier for extremes to exist in our modern world. You can get by as a lazy slob, as the cost of physical exertion is much lower than it used to be to “earn” the same number of calories. So muscle mass is not necessary, nor is being thin, so this allows for very weak and very fat people to get by better than even 20 or 30 years ago.

On the other end, science has progressed so much along with information dissemination, so younger people are equipped to build awesome physiques and exhibit top-notch athletic performances and adults can take their bodies further as well. So this is why you see the occasional man-child along with people who are pushing the envelope of what we used to think was “possible”. This is a dismally small percentage of the population, though.

Real funny Jared NFS! Maybe I’ll quit with the boatloads of test/tren and switch to PremPro. Really though, I’m not big guy: 5" 7" 170 lbs when ripped to the bone, but many of these girls just seem to dwarf me. Maybe I have muscledysmorphia…that is, I believe I’m smaller than I actually am. I know one thing for sure, when I was “young” very few of the teen girls towered over me like they do now. Someone asked where I live to look at the demographics. Well, there may be something to that thought. I live just outside of Detroit, Michigan. About a year ago, Michigan was ranked very high as having an overweight population. Perhaps this is the “crux of the biscuit.”

I live outside Detroit too. I think there’s plenty of fat girls skinny girls and some in between.

Milk. They all drink too much milk. With all the growth hormone in milk, they can’t help but grow big titties.

I’m not buying any of these arguments.

silles - umm…great.

SILLES: OK. What do you buy then?

Maybe it is all the soy.

I have noticed a lot more chubby kids and teens. I think eating is a little more popular, and exercise is a little less popular, unless it is for fun. Then again I see a lot more people on bikes. Interesting societal split.

When I was a kid, our family would eat a desert once a week, and I might get a candy bar once a week or two. But by the time I was a teen, desert became a normal after meal event, and snacks became candy, cupcakes and Twinkies.

While I know this wasn’t a discussion about fat as much, it seems more acceptable to be larger, and that might allow more girls to eat healthy, as opposed to the ever popular anorexia diet. If we could get the school system to teach kids how to eat healthy, they may never need to go an any sort of diet in their lives.

If these girls are not fat, then it might be that they eat healthy, without dieting, building the body women should have without becoming fat. And you might not be use to seeing healthy girls who are neither fat nor on a constant diet.