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Young Girl Coming Off Full Hormone Replacement


Ok I don't have alot of info for you I know this suck but heres what i got.

She is being treated for lyme and is on.






plus a number of antibiotics

I am worried that the lyme doc is not a hormone doc, fine that he made the choice to bring everything up to good levels but what if he sends her home cold turkey? she needs her strength.
what is the proticol for woman coming off T and E and going back natural? can a SERM and hcg help the same way? thank you!!


bump for advice guys




It's nice of you that you're trying to help.

I honestly don't know snap about women's hormones.

Maybe KS can help.


History of other hormone issues?
History of OBC?
Was doc trying to shut down HPOA?
Can you get per-treatment labs for those hormone levels?

T and E will shutdown the HPOA and reduce pregnenolone and DHEA may follow.

Weight and thyroid are important.

Lyme is a slow recovery. Worse if treatment come later on and condition lingered. Adrenals may be affected.

If she is otherwise healthy, her HPTA may spring back. Stopping cold will not feel well. Better if she stops when her period starts, if she is still cycling. T helps when one has been taking prednisone etc as that can be very catabolic.

T might be causing acne or hair growth, need to watch carefully.

There is no such thing as the right hormone dose for women, very individualistic. If she is flat chested, her body is used to low levels of estrogen. If full breasted, her body is used to higher levels of estrogen. If thin and tall, low estrogen. If short and curvy, higher estrogen.

Some women convert DHEA-->T easily with obvious implication.

I would not use a SERM or hCG. Women's HPOA are used to functioning with a high load of E2.


The Lyme shut down everything. She has black mold in her body and a number of co infections of Lyme.

She is 14 years old. I have no idea about period and I'm not comfortable to ask.

The doctor wasn't trying to shut down hpoa he was trying to get eeverything to optimal levels so she had the strength to fight the Lyme and handle antibiotic treatment.

It is now believe she had lime from birth as her mother tested positive even though she has only minor symptoms. The doctors guessed this and were right.

I have no real history and don't feel comfortable posting much on here.

I will say this... I believe I have Lyme desease. I am being tested for it. I am waiting on the test kit from Igenex in California as the Canadian government is ignoring an epidemic. Many doctors in the states and the best Lyme literate doc in canada have lost there medical licences for over treating this desiese which the government will not admit is cronic. We as people with hormone problems should really stop and take a look at our symptoms as Lyme will shut down your hormones and effect every endocrine hormone if not treated. People can go years without symptoms and then something stressful happens and boom it moves into full force. If you have any interest in this watch this. Lyme literate doctors believe is is the cause for many untreatable illnesses such as Parkinson's, Cronic fatigue, fibro myalgia, ms, Lou garigs and that's just to name a few here is your link.http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/under-our-skin/


Also. I'd like to thank you once again for your time. I was scared that it might not kick back in as she is sick and was having hormone problems prior to treatment and will most Likly still be sick after treatment for a while or maybe forever. Again thanks as this is more important to me then even my own health. She is so young and I would die is this little girl could have a life. Peace


I am aware that Lyme is not treated well there. And folks go to Buffalo NY area and there is a predatory group of docs that are ripping people off LD or not. Saw a friend there die of rapid onset ALS, they thought that it was Lyme, not, docs did not believe that. People latch on to something that has some hope of been curable.


My condolences on the loss of your friend.

I haven't heard of any decent Lyme literate doctors in buffalo.

I do believe Als is related to Lyme though. What makes you so sure he didn't have Lyme? Lymes does kill ya know it can attack ever part of the body and when someone has a suppressed immune system the onset can be quick and fatal.
I can assure you this poor girl is the care of a very good doctor who has dedicated his life to Lyme because his daughter had/has it and he couldn't get proper treatment for her that helped her. In some cases short term anti bioethics is not enough. An long term antibiotics without good health and proper hormone balance is not good either.

Was your friend tested for Lyme and if so with which method?


Tested a few different ways. Not conversant in such details. I was 1000 miles removed.

Your young friend: Seems like doc is been comprehensive. Hopefully subclinical hypothyroidism is not been ignored, iodine etc.

SERM might be an option at time when transition is attempted, get the top end of the HPOA in the game first.

There are things that support immune system or impede it when a deficit. Vit-D3 is the first thing that comes to mind. When considering health of nerve tissue, EFA's, fish oil, flax seed oil or meal are helpful.

With all of the stress, cortisol, adrenal fatigue and rT3 come to mine. Many things that we consider here.