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Young female weightlifting champ


Nice piece about a 13 year old girl who excels at weightlifting.


Yeah, I saw that on my local news today. Too bad it said she competed in the "Powerlifting Federation." Nice job writing down your facts, bud.




who cares? can she cook?


Not a good choice for a wife, Hitting her might not go over as easy.


I think I found your problem.


So is she a powerlifter or a weightlifter? Very cool though, especially those socks.


Exactly what I was wondering. Regardless, she's got nothing on this kid.

Nod to the crowd like a boss.


she's awesome


He has some really good technique.


Also future world leader??


Id kick her ass


check the last kid hahaha


LMFAO!! Just like a pro! Bless his heart.


He reminds me of benedikt magnusson


R U shitn me?


You've got to respect a 13 year old who lifts in bacon socks.


Agreed. She has a very distinct "I take 1,250mg of Trenbolone extracted from cattle implants" look to her.




I love how he totally snubs the second guy looking for a pound/high five haha.