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Young, Dumb and Broke

The title pretty much sums me as a person up-

Gym lifts-
Squat 150kg
Bench 100kg (90kg paused)
Deadlift 180kg

My goals for 2018 are to
Squat 180kg
Bench 110kg
Deadlift 220kg

I’m gonna use this log to log my progress and stay accountable to tracking it.

First workout on new program:

Bench Paused- 60x14, 50x20
Incline Bench- 40x20, 40x20, 40x18, 40x20, 40x14
DB Floor flyes- 6kg DBs x20x5
Fat Grip Hammer curls (stopping 30 degrees shy of extension for a 3 count pause) 7.5kg DBsx10x3
Occlusion Fat bar curls- 20xBar Supersetted with 10xBar behind the back wrist curls
Zottman Curls 5kg DBsx5x2

I’m currently trying to bring up my forearms so I’m adding them on to my upper body days using some techniques I picked up from Josh Bryant on Youtube.

My split is
Day 1- Bench and accessories
Day 2- PROM Deadlift program (by George Leeman)
Day 3- Closegrip bench and shoulder accessories
Day 4- Squat and accessories
2 days off and repeat

I’m using Avatar Nutrition to program my macros and I’m on the moderate fatloss setting to try and shed some fluff.

Cake out.

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Cake? Where? Give me

I’d like a 110kg bench too but it’s my worst lift.

Just a nickname guineapig!

Todays session was-
Rack pulls (beltless with straps)- 220x5 225x10
Deadlift stance box squats (beltless)- 100x10
Deficit deadlifts (beltless with straps)- 100x15
Yates Row- 70x20
Powershrugs- 140x20 180x4
EZ bar rows- bar+40x10 bar+60x10 bar+80x6
DB Row- 30kgx10 40x2
Shrugs (double overhand)- 60x20 80x15
EZ bar reverse curls- 20x4 20x5 20x4- dropset 10x? Barx?

My goals for this is a 140x10 beltless deficit deadlift, 140x5 dl stance box squat, 100x10 Yates row, 220x20 power shrug, DB row 50x15
I’ll complete all these by March.

Really happy with the rack pulls today especially considering the lack of a belt.

Cake out.

I’d also love a 110 bench however been as it took me a year and a half to get there I’d say its my least likely to happen goal!

Todays workout-

CGBP Paused- 50x20
EZ bar exts- bar+10x20x5
Overhead Press- 20x20x5
DB laterals- 2.5sx20x5
Rear delt flyes- 1sx20x5

Felt really weak but then again I’ve never liked shoulders or anything arm related tbf. Squat tomorrow will be fun!

Cake out.

Todays workout-

Paused Squat (Beltless) 80x13 80x7 (was meant to hit 20 for week 1 but nope-the lack of belt hit hard- got 20 reps overall however)
Romanian Deadlifts- 60x20 (George Leeman style- really working around the knee)
Good mornings- 30x12x5 (had no back ext at home so I used these as a substitute)
Walking Lunges 10kg platexgardenx5 (about 10 reps each leg) (was substituting for leg curls)
Static Holds- 140x15seconds 180x5secondsx2

Good workout today- these sessions will move much better when I have access to my belt again. Interesting to see how this kind of programming affects my squat numbers.

Todays Bench Workout-

Bench Paused- 55x16 55x4
Incline Press- 45x20,18,16,14,14
Floor Flyes- 8sx20x5

Weights all up from last Bench Session, looking forward to deadlifts tomorrow

Cake out.

but soon to be Young, Dumb, Broke but Stronger!!

Cake is a good nickname btw.

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Thanks for the support man!

Cake stems from when instead of taking a slice from a buffet I instead took the whole cake! Figured that attitude towards food might marry well with lifting!

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Todays deadlift session-

Rack Pull Pin 2 Beltless- 225x0 200x5- really annoyed at this as I was hoping to stay at 220 for at least 2 weeks.
Deadlift stance box squats 110x10- happy with this, never been so excited for getting my belt back.
Deficit Deadlifts Beltless 110x15- happy with this.
Yates Rows- 80x20
Power Shrugs- 140x7- just wasn’t there today.
EZ bar rows- 60x10,80x10, 100x10, 120x0- went well, really want 120 for reps now.
DB Rows 30sx10, 40s10- ill be able to go heavier back at uni.
Shrugs double overhand- 60x20, 80x20,100x3- want at least 120x10 by march

Weighing in tomorrow (yay)

Cake out.

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I hear that song on the radio a lot. Young, Dumb, and Broke.

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Todays workout-

CGBP 55x17, 55x3
Overhead Press 22.5x20,16,12,16,17 (set of 12 wasn’t good enough.)
EZ Bar Skullcrushers bar+12.5x20,20,20,17,20
DB Laterals 5sx20x5
Rear delt flyes 2sx20x5

Went well today and enjoyed being back in the uni gym again. Saw a guy in a wheelchair doing pull ups and I found it really inspiring and motivating and made me think of all the shitty excuses I’ve made in the past to cut workouts short or not go or not do all I was capable of- I need to start being better at all those things.

Weighed in at 89.0kgs this week as my average (down 1.9kgs). This is probably mostly water weight but at least its moving in the right direction. Looking forward to getting my bodyfat right down this year.

Cake out.

Todays workout-

Paused Squat (beltless) 85x15 85x5
Romanian Deadlifts 67.5x20
GHRs 35x10x5
Leg Curls 45x20x5

Todays workout really annoyed me, I wanted 85x20 and I’m not taking the belt off till I can only do 8 reps on my first set of squats to make the 20.

The gym was full of mobile phone using idiots today, I can’t stand it when someone just sits on a machine to text, I get that everyone goes to the gym for different reasons but this is my time. I really dont mind if you want to take long rest periods or have lots of sets; I mind that you spend the whole time texting. I mind that my workout can’t be completed In the time I have laid out for it in my schedule so I become behind in my day. I get some of the people are probably new to the gym environment and that’s great, they have every right to enjoy it and get from it what I and so many others do; but they seriously need to learn some basic rules. (Especially when there is a no phone policy argh)

^I literally paced the leg curl machine like a psychopath, I was shaking with anger- that being said I can’t feel my hamstrings now and therefore the attitude and boost probably helped me.

Gonna try and relax now and get some sleep. Ate all my macros before the gym and therefore have none left now (which sucks).

Cake out.

Signed up for my first ever meet today.

Will be the Mens British University Championships on the 24/03/18.

Signed up to compete at 83kgs- that meant today I switched to aggressive fatloss with avatar (-1kg per week roughly). While adding in 30 minute cardio sessions every day with an extra one on off days.

Cake out.

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Pretty aggressive cut. So you want to drop 10ish kg?

Yeah its 6 really but I see what you mean, I’ll do it in 6/7 hopefully and be able to reverse up to the comp for 2/3 weeks- I’m hoping super compensation will kick in hard. If it all goes tits up however then I can do a last minute cut. I don’t think it’ll take that tho.

Back progress, not too bad, will be interesting so see what I look like at the end of the year. Not even worth posting what I look like from the front!
Looking at the photo I’ll probably have abs on my back before my front!

Cake out.

Did 2x30 mins Cardio sessions today of incline walking- (I hate cardio but its going to get me to 83s and therefore its needed).

Operation not be a fat heavy bastard resumes tomorrow morning sharp.

Cake out.

More cardio this morning (yay)-

30 mins incline walking

Cake out.

I know guys that needed three years to get a 90-100kg bench and as soon as you put them on the right path they blow up - I’m talking adding 20-40kgs to their bench in under a year

Whatever you decide to do just remember to be consistent and hard-working, that’ll get you far

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