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Young Bodybuilder Need Help in Steriods

Heyy, I’m 17yrs old I’ve been hit gym for 1 years and my gains was good but i need to move to next level and wanna use steroids what’s your advice to me? And what i use and what to avoid?

omg :open_mouth:

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Not again! Ugh!

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If you wanna move to next level add another plate to the bar and chicken breast to your plate BOOM next Level


Happy St. Patrick’s day guys ><

I’ve been bench pressing with 200lbs and my stomach can’t take food more than i eat

You can always eat more, stop lying.

Then no amount of steroids in the world will help you bro. Steroids aren’t magic they are just the icing on the cake. Food and training are the real magic bro

Iknow but if i eat this much with steroids I’ll be much better!

Nobody here is going to support this. It’s just a very bad idea .



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Go to YouTube search “bostin Loyds stack” run that youl be a monster in no time bro

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