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young bobybuilder seeking advice

I am a 15 year old high school student and have a dilema. I was on the wrestling team for Gables High, until some months ago i fractured my leg being stupid. when in wrestling I really got to like weight lifting and know want to get as big as God will allow me. I currently weigh 125 and am about 5’7. The thing is i want to gain weight but at the same time be really cut. Right now i work out every day doing one muscle group each day (Mon-pecs, tues-bieps and so on). This has been going on for about two weeks and i am seeing some little results. I need to know what my diet should be like and if protein supplements should be in my plan. I dont know if i should do cardio or not because i do not want to lose muscle mass but want to have the ripped and cut look ( especially my ABS). In my P.E. class a machine that you hold told me my body fat percentage was 11%(probably not). I want to get rid of my so called “gut” and look ridicously huge (need some girls). Thanks for any help guys. I appreciate your time and effort.

You can start with T-mag’s “Youth Gone Wild” article. Just use the search engine or search previous issues.

If only everyone would spell their goals out like this, giving advice would be simple:

“I want to get rid of my so called “gut” and look ridicously huge (need some girls).”

You’re basically not gonna get a peep of info out of us until you tell us what your caloric intake is like right now. And if the answer is “I don’t know” then don’t even bother saying it. I’m not trying to be mean but thats how it goes around here. Too many people (I myself at one point) focused too much on training (about 99.9%) and not enough on nutrition (about the other 0.1% of the time).

What I find funny is that he said “I weigh 125 lbs @ 5’7"” and “I want to get rid of my so called “gut”” in the same post.

Listen it may sound funny to all of you big guys out there. But the thing is, you guys have each other to talk to and are able to ask questions and get answers. Not to mention, most of you are above my age and can actually follow some of these guidelines and diets that this website has to offer. Magazines do not even really offer me anything to work with (and it seems you guys dont really want to help either), because they also are limited to people like you. I’m a teenager and basically can not limit myself to pure protein diets, nor do i have the time and money to buy supplements and go to the gym, because Im trying to get a good education and get into college. I do bodybuilding on the side and am trying to get my friends all in it as well. You guys have already surpassed this step in life and are now able to workout however and whenever your job and or time allows you to. Hopefully I will too. what would you do in my shoes?I need a foundation to start.

My diet is usually like this
Morning: 2 eggs, soy sausage, and 1 piece of toast.
Lunch: sandwich mostly meat(no cheese) or a piece of pizza.
Dinner large piece of meat usually chicken, steak, pork chops and salmon then vegetables on the side.

i know your suppose to eat at least a couple small meals a day but i dont know what exactly to eat and when to eat it

thanks for any advice.

Go to the left of your screen. Go to the T-mag.com Home button. Click it with the mouse.

Now, go to Frequently Asked Questions. You will find all your answers there.

Dude, posts like this piss me off. They give us teenagers a bad name. The kid doesn’t have time to workout or eat right? I got into college, did homework, and hung out with my friends and still managed to get 4 workouts in a week. Read the damn magazine!! These guys all talk to each other about stuff they read at t-mag and other sources, they weren’t born knowing this stuff.

You know what…

I have to say something (yeah, yeah on the fucking box AGAIN!)

I am ALL FOR being a wise ass, making fun of each other, giggles and shits and everything else. But “uneducated” kids like this don’t need an ass kicking or sarcasm, that will just chase them away, what they need is to be told in the nicest possible way that they need to help themselves and how they can do that here. Nate and TEK, thank you for making this a better place. There is no more typing involved in being polite than in making someone look weak (an easy target at that) I am sure that this fulfills part of the T-Man code.

Lets wait till his skin thickens till we flame his dumb ass, then he’s fair game.

“Zeal without knowledge is fire without light”

~ Thomas Fuller

come on guys give him a break! he’s 15. and he does sound like he’s 15. the best advice i can give you is “Patience is a Virtue”. you’re only 15 yrs. old and your body is still developing. Unless you wanna be a Pro BB and be like arnold or rich gaspari and others whom at your age were “rediculously huge” im not sure about the “girl” part then you should start juicin. and by your account you can’t really afford any of that stuff yet. So i suggest concentrate more on your education and at the same time try to put aside some time for working out. 1 body part per day sounds good to me. then about 6 weeks switch it up to 2on/1off. as far as nutrition i think at 15 you should know what fat is good and not good. sausage is not good!

Whoa there! Let’s back up.

You’re fielding a lot of negativity because your posts come across with a surprising degree of arrogance. This, ‘I’m in college, I’m far too busy with priorities infinitely more important than your petty diet and training… but I want to be huge, so help me’ attitude has got to go. Frankly, it’s insulting, particularly when I think back to the incredible amount of free time I had in HS.

Then you follow with this dogpile of assumptions that prove only that you haven’t bothered to read anything of T-Mag.

How would you respond? Perhaps a bit of hostility is warranted?

Few people with 15 years under their belt write as you do. Make use of this obvious intelligence and surf the archives. If you find something that isn’t covered between issue 1 and 250, then by all means, ask.


Seriously, read his second post. Un-be-fucking-lievable. I’m speechless. Literally, I am without speech.

Good luck with your “side endeavor” of bodybuilding. No Speech.

Quit making excuses! You’re in freakin HIGH SCHOOL for crying out loud. I highly doubt you dont have enough time to train. Your diet as of right now sucks. You need to get your diet “tuned in” before you can even think about gettin huge. Do what Natt Dogg suggested and go to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section…that will get you moving in the right direction. Also, read anything you can by John Berardi. If you go to the search engine and type in his name, you should get a plethora of his articles. Some must reads include, “Foods that make you look good nekid”, “Massive Eating” and “Lean Eatin” and “The Winning Formula”. Again, if you type in the names of those articles in the search engine, they should pop up. Good luck and seriously…quit making excuses. Sometimes people just need a swift kick on the can to get the ball rolling. We are here to help…but you cant expect us to do the work for you. Take care…Tony G

Hi. I can help. I am a fifteen year old myself. 165 at 5’10". 8% BF

You should train EVERY body part. every other day. Trust me, WE can heal that fast, seeing as we are so young and all. You also gotta eat a lot more. WAAAY more. Try eating four meals for starters, add oen in when you get home from school. MORE meat. And more potatoes and the like. Vegetable dont do much for you. Even though they have viatamins and such, they dont grow muscle. Eat more meat. And ditch the soy sausage. Dont worry about staying cut, our metabolisms are vary high. And you should get a major strength and siz kick, when you start filling out. In two years i went from 125 to 165.

Slick just read a little do a liitle homework and u can get pretty educated. This site is full of info. We can’t do much in the forums except clarify and tweak things for ya. We can’t make u a training plan. U know what u can work with. Start with reading “massive eating”. You need to eat right or u will be wasting your time in the gym.

Everyone here is pretty much a dickhead but what did u expect in a site called Testosterone.

Good advice, Cupcake.

And solo, you crack me up. “Everyone here is pretty much a dickhead” is pretty funny. Say what’s on your mind, man!

Don’t use your age, your lifestyle or any other excuse as a reason why you can’t eat right, train right or accomplish your goals.

Here’s a little story…

I was always a skinny little kid. I always got picked on. I was a picky eater and didn’t eat enough. Then one day (at 13), I started to eat more (but started to make bad food choices). I started gaining weight and everyone commented on how much better I looked.

Only I didn’t stop eating, and I continued to eat worse. I’d eat three bowls of sugar-laden cereal for breakfast, or leftover pizza or a bag of potato chips and sour cream dip. I ate all sorts of fast food in huge quantities too. In a matter of a few months, I was FAT! The turning point came when I had my cholesterol checked during one of my health classes in Junior High (14 years old, 8th grade). When I was told it was 240, I decided it was time to make a change.

First thing I did was clean up my diet. I eliminated all the junk food. No more chips, cookies, sugar-laden cereals, soda, fast food, hot dogs, etc. I picked up an issue of Men’s Fitness (I know, I know, but it was the best thing around at the time), I began reading more about nutrition and working out. I started doing some running and some bodyweight exercises (pushups, situps, etc.). In a matter of a few months, I dropped the fat, my cholesterol went down, and I was healthy again.

But I didn’t stop there. I made it my lifestyle. I continued to eat healthy, I continued working out and learning more about weight training. Although I never seriously started weight training until after high school, I at least stayed in shape with bodyweight exercises, running, participating in neighborhood sports and just staying active.

I do wish I had started weight training earlier. And I do wish I had taken up some sports in high school (wrestling or weightlifting), but hindsight is 20/20, and I do all of that stuff now. But the most important thing to me was being healthy, fit, energetic and making healthy lifestyle choices including good eating (lots of lean meats and protein, fruits and veggies), no smoking, drinking or drug use, etc.

So you have no excuse. T-mag is at your disposal. There are hundreds of back issues on everything from nutrition to training and everything in between. Take some time to sit down and read and absorb the info.

With some trial and error, you will find what works best for you. And for now, start with the FAQ’s as that will answer most of your questions and give you a quick and easy reference point.

Now go!

I know you asked for diet advice, but if you’re actually pissing an entire day away training biceps, stop.

Biceps are a tiny little useless muscle (vets: leave it be :wink: ). If you want to get BIG, do BIG movements (compounds like bench press, chin-ups, bent rows, deadlifts, and squats).

Actually, I’d go so far to say that is you’re not doing at least every exercise in that list above you’re going nowhere fast.

Ok pilgrim. I will give you what my first training year consisted of. ITs unbalanced, but thats what the coaches had me do. That adsded 20 pounts of muscle.some of it just natural filling out at my age. So, you can expect a little too. It is synergistic with weight training. My advice is for a 15 year old, frm a 15 year old. SO, it may not be relative you peopel twice my age.
The second year i have been trying many different excecises and all so i can’t give you a routine, unless you really want one, then i wil cook one up.
1st year…
Trap bar deadlift
Hang cleans
Shoulder Press
Every other day.

Thats it. It worked. Thats all i am saying

Thanks for any advice I got out there. the guys who actually made an effort to correct my understanding of the way bodybuilding works, I appreciate it greatly. My intention wasnt to piss anybody off. So i feel sorry for the assholes who get intimidated, when a 15 year old writes for the first time a post in T-mag.